Thursday, July 24, 2014

High class.

The look of a child who feels special. Book parade in first grade, 2014

Back seat of the car yesterday on the way home

Zachary: Mom? Who's going to be my next teacher?

Me: Good question, bud. Not sure yet. But we'll know very soon.

Zachary:  I've had some good teachers so far.

Me:  You have.

Zachary: My pre-K teacher? She did a very good job.

Me:  You had two. Which one are you speaking of?

Zachary:  The one that's the main teacher now. She was really good.

Me:  I liked her. She was so positive, right?

Zachary:  I know! Then my kindergarten teacher was super-duper nice.

Me:  Definitely. And super organized, too.

Zachary:  And we had a party at her house on the last day of school, remember?

Me:  Sure do.

Zachary:  But my best teacher of all in my whole-whole life was last year in first grade.

Me:  Is that right?

Zachary:  For sure. She was just . . I don't know, Mom.

Me:  I really like her, too.

Zachary:  Mom? There's just something special about her, that's all.

Isaiah:  It feels magical in her class. She was my favorite, too. Always, always has been. I think she always will be my favorite, too.

Me:  Magical?

Isaiah:  Yes. Like . . .somehow every single kid in her class is the most special one of all.

Zachary: But to her every kid is the most special one of all.

Isaiah: I don't know how she does it, but she does it, Mom.

Me:  Wow. That does sound magical.

Zachary and Isaiah:  Yeah.

Magical indeed. May we all go forth and do the magical thing she does. Or even just a little bit of it.

I know she is reading this because that teacher reads here. And I hope as she prepares for her new year with new children that this unsolicited endorsement of her work from the mouths of the babes she taught encourages her to sprinkle her magical fairy dust for years to come.


Happy Thursday. And happy back to school prep.


  1. Ms. First Grade Teacher: Thank you for being magical. The first teachers a child has set the tone for how the rest of the school career should go. You are launching children to succeed.

  2. If I was that teacher, I would consider this post to be a huge bonus check.

  3. I think this teacher and I would get along just great. Keep loving on those kids, Ms. First Grade Teacher. Keep loving on those kids.

  4. I've had that moment of knowing that the teacher my child was experiencing was that magical teacher that would inspire them well beyond the school year. For my son it was Mr. G. in kindergarten (he's entering high school) and he still talks about him and his teaching. Thank Ms. Magical for being that special teacher for students. The inspiration goes well beyond one school year.

  5. She even makes Grandma's feel special. Love my magical friend!

  6. Every child needs someone magical in their life! I have a great nephew coming in three weeks!! being born to my light of my life niece!! and I hope to be one of the magical people!! xo


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