Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"What's for dinner, Zack?"

Zachary's first place sprint today

"Dust, bro. Oh, I'm sorry. Were you allergic?"


He's always been naturally fast. But he excels in sports because he consistently works at it and tries hard. He's such a disciplined athlete to be so young. It's kind of amazing how some kids are like that.

This is what I always tell him. "See? You worked hard and your hard work is paying off, son. Great job." I try to focus on his effort instead of his natural ability. That way a loss won't devastate him; it will just make him go harder.

Yeah. So that? That's what I tell him with my mouth. But in my head? Man, please. I'm totally trash-talking.


Happy Tuesday.

Oh, and that approach to encouraging my kids by highlighting effort not natural ability certainly wasn't my idea. It came from this which makes me think of this quote almost every day:

"Becoming is better than being." 

Yeah. That.

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  1. Smokin'! Go Zack!

    I couldn't leave a comment on your last post for some reason so I'll just say here your little one is so young to have put all this together but I'm glad he has because he's already learning what he needs to know to be safe and perhaps he'll be a lawyer one day and change that bad law. In the meantime make sure he's not quietly worrying about his daddy's safety, ok? He's such a deep thoughtful child. You and the BHE are raising such good men there. I'm so proud of them and I'm not even their mama. Thank you for that.


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