Sunday, May 11, 2014

She didn't go back.

100% true story. . . .

Shamelessly copied from my little sister JoLai's Facebook page:

This is an excerpt from an essay about a young mother of 3 small children... She was barely 24 years old, and she and her husband were done having children. Her husband had just gotten a vasectomy. They were done..... until she found out she was pregnant again.

They made the only choice that made sense to them at the time, and decided to terminate the pregnancy.

"A woman dressed in a nurse’s uniform entered the room and called off about 25 names from a list. Following individual interviews 12 of us would be selected from the group. Only twelve. … All the others were encouraged to try again next week. I watched the women as they filed out of the room, their faces full of despair, and I felt glad that I was not among them.

When my turn came, I was taken into a smaller room to be interviewed by a panel which consisted of three people— a nurse, a doctor, and a psychologist. They asked probing, personal questions. I answered. I went home and waited, anxiously wondering if I would be one of the twelve chosen. The call came that afternoon. I looked at my three children— my son, not quite four, and my daughters, a two year old toddler and a five month old baby— and thought about how special they were. I never went back."

Cheryl Cottrell Draper, thank you for not going back. Thank you for being the best mother 4 little dusty kids could have ever asked for... Thank you for your strength. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. Happy Mother's Day, Shugsie!

XOXO, Your Baby Girl

Yeah, you can say it. JoLai pretty much rules. And damn, I'm glad that my mom didn't go back that day.

Go Mom. Go us.


  1. Beautiful moms, you and yours. Happy Mom's Day. x0, N2

  2. Yeah, she's the best. I think I wanted to be a part of this family so much that nothing was going to stop me. I even came early to be with you rugrats! LOL!

    Happy Mother's Day, Miz!


  3. So glad your mom chose life for JoLai.


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