Monday, May 27, 2013

Today and always.

I spent my entire day today with these guys. Nope, no barbecue or backyard boogies. Just us. Team Manning. 100% together. Making each other laugh by using funny voices, saying "I love you"in those same funny voices over and over again, and. . . . just being glad to be alive and together. With our fallen heroes in mind on this national holiday, we remembered them. . .but we also focused on the importance of holding on tight to the ones you love while they are here in three dimensions.

We do that now more than ever.

On this Memorial Day, I reflected on this simple truth: Life just isn't promised. It's not. But love, when applied consistently, selflessly, and intentionally, is.

It totally is and that part lives forever.

And, if you just let go and let it, it goes round and round and round. . . . .

Happy Memorial Day. Hope yours was filled with all of the things and people that matter most.

Here's our favorite funny voice du jour: "The Lumpy Space Princess" from Cartoon Network's (rather ridiculous and borderline inappropriate show) "Adventure Time." Isaiah does an absolutely hilarious version of it. "Like. . .O-ma. . gahh. . we-er lak. . .suuhh. . lame." 

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  1. We took our kids to that park the day we told them we were getting divorced. That whirly-thing so represented how I felt that day; everything seemed to be spinning out of control, yet the kids managed to stay on and think it was a blast. Hmmmmm. (BTW, the kids adjusted well to the news and have been "fine" with our divorce).


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