Monday, May 6, 2013

8 years and 8 million wishes.

To be young, gifted, and black
We must begin to tell our young
That there's a whole world
a whole world waiting for you

Haven't you heard the quest has just begun?

Don't you know the joy, the joy, the joy of the today
Is the day that we all.....that we all be proud to say
That we are young, gifted and black. . . 
and it's sho' nuff where its at

~ Donny Hathaway

Happy 8th birthday to my beloved manchild, Isaiah. This song makes me think of you and your brother. . . and every single thing I want you to always know. I want you to hold your head high, to believe in your gifts, and to understand the responsibility standing squarely upon your shoulders as a beautiful brown child of your generation.

I know you're young. I know. But still. I want you to achieve everything your heart desires and live to your full potential. . . . .but, see, I want you to do it all while understanding that it wasn't always that way. And I want you to look in the mirror and like who you see.
No, love who you see.

I don't want you to get lost in a fight to assimilate or to blend into whatever is considered "the thing." I want you to be you. I want you to know who you are and to be so cool with you that you give those around you permission to be the same. And I want you to stand up and say something when people don't.

Yes, son. On the day you were born and even eight years later on the day you always have called my "mommyversary", my hopes for you haven't changed. Your safety, of course. Your health, of course. But also that you will be as peaceful as your eyes were in this picture taken when you were only two years old. That you will be happy and confident and thankful no matter where you are. And that you become so grounded that you fit in anywhere you go.

Yes. I want you to bust through ceilings and tear down walls. But it is my prayer that you do those things without divorcing yourself from your culture and all that your ancestors did to get you here.

To get us here.

I will spend my whole life building you up and letting you know who you are. Over and over and over again. Because who you are is wonderful. Wonderful and special and cherished.

Happy birthday, my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful beautiful boy. May your bright future and smile always be a lamp at your feet, my son. And may you always know that you are young, gifted and black--and since that's who God made you to be--that that's sho' nuff where it's at.

Happy Monday.
Playing this for you, son, just as your grandpa played it for me at this age until I believed it. Mr. Donny Hathaway says it better than we can.



  1. Happy Birthday Isaiah, my fellow Taurean! #Taurusrules

  2. Happy Birthday to your 1st born. I hope he has a great day all day long.

  3. What wonderful wishes for such a beautiful son.

  4. I just can't wait to see these boys grow up...they are going to such wonderful young men!

  5. Mommyversary indeed. Happy Birthday Isaiah.

  6. Happy Birthday, Isaiah!

    I hope one day you realize how lucky you are to be exactly the person you've become, because of the great parents you have. I just know you make the world a better place by being here.

  7. Happy birthday to your gorgeous, sweet boy!

  8. From the deck of the Poop,

    As I read this message and looked at the photos of what I think is "arguably" the cutest little guy I've ever seen, I have many thoughts. Donny Hathaway sang the message but "we" must have the courage to teach it! We must have the courage to believe that they will still love us even when we tell them No! When we trust that we don't have to give them 3 choices of cereal, or meat or drink or ...... We must not fear some long term damage to their self worth when we simply say "no (son or daughter), you are holding your pencil wrong," or incorrectly if you like. We must be ok with a simple " happy birthday", a cupcake and/ or a small toy or book or a big hug and a kiss. They need not be led to believe that if they don't get something big and special from everyone they know, that they are somehow less special. Or that the person cares less for them because they didn't get them this special gift. We must understand that we are in fact "teaching" them everyday. Many little things that we may not think is significant, they remember. Also, many things that we think they internalize and remember forever, they forget in a moment. It's a tricky business but we must have the courage to look back on our formative years and try to select the things that will make them better people and not just the things that's easiest for us at the time. I remember the quote"I took the road less travelled, but each must find his own". Like I said, it's a tricky business.

    Good luck and be courageous!

    1. I love you so much, Poopdeck. Thank you for being you and for always helping us on this journey along the roads you've already traveled.

  9. happy birthday to your much loved boy! i look at these pictures and i can see that there is a way children carry themselves when they are assured of being loved. your boys know how greatly they are loved.

  10. Happy Birthday to your man child Isaiah! I hope he had a wonderful day!

  11. Happy Birthday Isaiah! Words to live by Mr Draper!


  12. Happy Belated Birthday Isaiah! I pray that it was an awesome day for you and your family. Many Blessings.



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