Friday, April 19, 2013

This made me smile today.

Deanna left out the part where I said "kind of like that movie The Notebook but without the dementia." That always cracked her up so it was one of our favorite jokes together. So funny that she repeated it on Facebook! This also just made me LOL about the day that, on Deanna's insistence, I ordered The Notebook on pay-per-view and had to shut it off not once but twice because I was crying so hard. I called Deanna and screamed at her for not warning me and she just laughed and laughed. (Kind of like when I screamed at her after she suggested I read Fifty Shades of Grey.)

Man. Such a great memory that I'd forgotten until just now. Love that my friend Stacey sent this to me today as a reminder. It totally made me smile from ear to ear.

And you know what? Now I bet you're smiling, too.

Happy Friday again.


  1. I'm definitely smiling right now!


  2. my son cries like a baby every time he watches the notebook. deanna knows true love.


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