Monday, April 22, 2013

Good sports.

Here is my Isaiah at his golf lesson last weekend. He is so analytical and methodical. I love how he thinks about everything from the position of his arms to following through after the swing.

You can even see it in his coach's face. He looks good out there. Kind of like Tiger Woods. (But without the money or the bad press.)

Hee hee.

BT-dubs (as my middle school niece says) -- We aren't anti-Tiger over here. So don't start busting on Tiger Woods in the comments, man. Just because the brother has no game when it comes to his romantic life doesn't mean we can't respect his game on the green. (I also never stopped loving Bill Clinton, either.)

Just sayin'.

Here is my Zachary showing off his very first medal in track and field. Woot woot! Although he runs the 200, 400 and 4x400 relay, this baby was earned in the long jump. Yes. The long jump.

Now. If you are imagining what "the long jump" looks like between six and seven year olds, know that it is probably just as you imagine it. Tiny legs going about two inches into sand.

This time, though, his tiny legs went the furthest.

And his quote about that was, "You know what, Mama? I like winning. Even when they keep saying 'just have fun,' I always think I like to have fun and win."

Well. There you go.

What kind of sports or activities are the little ones in your lives up to?

Happy Monday.


  1. Baseball, baseball, more and more and more baseball!

  2. My son Jahi is into karate and running. He has been running with me lately b/c he "loves spending time with mommy"

  3. My kids all play basketball and soccer and practice taekwondo. My younger son also plays baseball. This keeps us busy after school, but they need the energy release and so many good life lessons come from sports!

  4. My kids are all grown up and thus, team sports and so forth are part of history for which I am eternally grateful. I was a grudging sports-mama. I admit it.
    Owen, however, has just learned to jump. He demonstrates this a lot. "Look Mer!" And I do and he jumps and it's pretty awesome.
    Gibson is still working on walking. He's doing a good job, too, I have to say.

  5. My son started golfing at Isiah's age, while still dabbling in soccer and basketball. Golf stuck. He's still golfing in college, and on a nice day, he will find a way to swing a club somewhere, somehow. On a rainy day he'll putt inside and watch golf channel. He just got his first real job, of course at a golf course, working in the pro shop. We're so proud and happy for him.

    My daughter plays volleyball year round, sometimes weeks in a row without a day off. She wants to be there, and can't wait for the sand season to begin. We can't wait for sunshine and coolers at the lakefront, as we've seen enough of sweaty loud gyms this winter. She just told me that she didn't know what she'd do if she didn't have volleyball, it is her life right now. I've enjoyed watching her grow and improve and make friends from all over. She's starting to think college ball too....

    Sports have saved our kids from buckets of trouble, we're sure of it. And our guys like winning too :) Love Zachary's smile and his medal. We have a wall full of medals, plaques, photos and awards. It's a beautiful thing. Enjoy these days, my friend, they will fly right by!

  6. So cute, those boys are having a big life.
    My son plays tennis, swims year-round and does tae kwon do. My daughter does ballet, swims year-round, sings in 2 choirs and is learning violin.
    On the weekends, they go rock climbing with their dad or tree climbing, if they are with me. It is a big life for us as well.

  7. He's in it to win it! Way to go, Zachary!

  8. My Madi is doing swimming. She thinks we should go everyday! She's 2 and it's funny to see the delight mixed with the terror during

  9. From the deck of the Poop,

    I love the Zayman's follow through and my Zacky hit the nail right on the head!! Oh! I'm gonna have fun but it's gonna be more fun when I'm WINNING!!!!!



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