Sunday, April 15, 2012

There is good in this world.

My friend Lisa R. over at Smacksy shared this on her blog today. Many of you may have seen it already, but this morning was the first I'd heard of it.  I watched it and cried like a baby. Man. There is good in this world. There is. In a time of horrible crimes and crazy in this world here is a glimpse of simple goodness.

The very last line of it made me cry the hardest. It's what we all hope our kids can say someday.

Thanks, L.


  1. This was fabulous. On so many levels. Thanks.

  2. Okay. I finally watched this.
    Now I'm crying. Of course.
    Dang. People can be so precious, can't they?

  3. Tears in my eyes. Thanks for spreading this word.
    x0 N2

  4. Follow up... Nirvan's video has raised over $165K for a college scholarship for Caine.

    Every dollar that's been donated to Caine's Arcade, the Gorldhirsh Foundation is matching (up to 250k!) helping to create and fund the new "Caine's Arcade Foundation" that will help other kids like Caine.


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