Thursday, April 5, 2012

And the winner is. . . .

The First Annual Sand Sculpture Thingie Competition 

Team Octopus: Fran, Jill, and Corey. Team Captain: Auntie Fran

Team Mermaid: Grandma, Olivia, Erin, Chris, and Kimberly - Team Captain: Grandma Shug

Team SpongeBob: Uncle Will, Gabby, Lauren, and Rob Team Captain: Uncle Will

Team Sea Serpent: Tyler, Heather, Hanna, Meg Team Captain: ?
Team "We Don't Know What It Is Yet": Isaiah, Zachary and The BHE. Team Captain: Isaiah.

"What is it, Isaiah?" "It's like a thing with a big fortress thing around it."

Well? Who's your winner?



  1. The definite winner if Grandma Shug, styling in the sand!

  2. Dang. Y'all are so organized. I'm impressed!

  3. That looks like way more fun than reviewing glomerulonephropathies in preparation for an upcoming nephrology elective, which is how I'm spending my beautiful day. Sigh.

    Also, I vote for the mermaid.

  4. My fave is the mermaid, but the freestyle fortress thingie surrounded by whatever is definitely creative!

  5. Well they are all good and that Mermaid is mighty fine BUT - the one that captures the TRUE ESSENCE of ALL GREAT ART: My vote is for "We Don't Know What It Is Yet".

    What a lovely family and what a lovely day!

  6. Team Mermaid went off! LOL, but Isaiah and Zachary are sooooo dang cute, they make me want to vote for them.

  7. I voted for the Octopus! It's cute! LOL!


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