Sunday, February 26, 2012

Top Ten: The week in haiku.

Phone conversation:

"Haiku, Dad. No, Daddy, you didn't miss anything on my last post. It's a form of, like, poetry. You know, haiku. I think it's Japanese. You break each line into syllables. Like this:

Five syllables first
Seven syllables second
Five syllables last

Get it? No?! The point? It's poetry, Dad. Does poetry need a point? No, everything doesn't need a point. . .  . . sigh." 

So much for that.

But for the rest of you, I bring you a few moments from my life this week in haiku. ('Cause I'm all renaissance like that.) Wait. . .uh. . .haiku isn't exactly renaissance is it? Err. . .oh well.

(and what I learned or thought about after)

#10  Oh, de toilet.

One child vomiting
By midnight, one became two
and also two ends

Lessons learned:  Regardless of what you think, it is possible for diarrhea--if explosive enough--to land on the wall several feet away from the commode. Particularly if you are five years old and sent into the loo unattended.

#9  It's a date.

I love the Oscars
Over Billy Crystal though
but not Scorsese

Two cents:  My other favorite part is sending text messages back and forth during the show--especially with my partner in award show-watching crime, Nikki.

#8  Slo-Jo.

Still trying to run
Today was my best ever!
Wanna be Flo-Jo

Lesson learned:  My friend Stacy H. told me that maybe I have been trying to run too fast. Today I set out and ran so slow that I am sure I looked totally ridiculous. But! I didn't have to walk as much! Yay! And no I didn't go very far but for me it was a milestone. Yay me!

#7 The Golden Girls.

Broke bread with girlfriends
All Grady doctor girlfriends
But all off the clock

Two cents:  Every woman there had at least ten years under her belt at Grady. That means over a decade of friendship. In that time, we've celebrated each other as we've had babies, won awards, gotten married and even had more babies. But most of all we simply support and root for one another. That's something to toast to!

#6  I didn't read that in People!!

Seen on the Oscars!
Cameron and P. Diddy?!
Well, alrighty then.

Two cents:  Whaaaaatt???? OMG!! Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez presented together!!  Like both with P-Diddy pillow talk to share! Eeeww!! But they did both look a-mazing!! (Okay, clearly Nikki and I are the only ones who think this is OMG and newsworthy!)

#5  Excuse me, miss.

"I'm Dr. Manning."
"Nice to meet you, Miss Manning."
"Nice to meet you, too."

Two cents:  "Miss" can be a term of endearment depending upon who says it.

#4  Sleep is for wimps.

Bed interrupted
All roads lead to Mommy's bed
Sick kids are sleep thieves

Lesson learned: Mommy + two vomit-prone boys plastered to her side on one fourth of the bed does not seem to be fair. All in love might be fair, but not in our bed when the kids are sick.

#3  Best. Job. Ever.

Small group Gamma

Fun with my small groups
Teaching, laughing, so much joy
Especially joy

Two cents: Having a longitudinal teaching experience with my small group medical students has been so unbelievably special. I genuinely love every last one of them.

Small group Beta

#2  Textapalooza.

Some epic texting
With my dear profesora
that might change the world

Two cents:  Oh, profesora. I cherish you so. I know you will read this. And then you will text me. And I will text you right back with many heart emoticons. Because you are a wonderful person and friend with so many qualities I aspire to have. I'm so proud of you.

#1  Virtual village.

Dark words hit like fists
But you all stood beside me
and showed me the truth

Lesson learned: Writing here has opened me to a new form of community. But the way you all came to my side last week? Your words, your comments, your emails, your text messages? It reminded me quickly that love wins. I wasn't soliciting those kumbayah messages and comments, but dammit they came at a time when I truly needed them. Thank you for being a part of my village.

Happy Sunday night at the Oscars!


  1. I thought that Jennifer and Cameron were certainly newsworthy. And hot.
    I'm glad you're part of my village, too. Hope those boys are feeling better.

  2. Up early today
    Glad to see a brand new post
    Love to read your words

  3. sick kids were the unfavoritest part of parenting but I'm happy to report, now that my youngest is 24, I don't really remember those nights in the bathroom.

  4. Parents always make me wince with their bowel tales. :( Another runner!! Yay!! It doesn't matter how slow you run. You're running! We're all self-conscious when we first get out there. I've definitely reached my point of mostly not caring! LOL Mostly. I have to run a little faster and straighter when I encounter another runner. I need some friend time badly. I also can't wait to teach again!! Such a rewarding experience.

  5. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Who knew that kids could have projectiles from BOTH ends!?!

    I was talking to a dear dear friend of mine about your blog and asked her if she knew you. I shared with her that you were our SOROR and that ya'll went to the same undergrad and medical school. I thought you were about our age. SHE said she DID know you! My dear dear friend from kindergarten was your linesister! She said you were DEFINITELY good peeps! She said I might have met you before too because when you all were in medical school in TN, I was attending graduate school at Vanderbilt. I so felt like Kevin Bacon!

    Keep sharing your gifts, they are blessings to many!

  6. Hope the boys are feeling better today!

    Where did I pick up the idea that your given name was Lisa?? It's Kimberly! I'm so sorry for calling you the wrong name. I wanted to use your first name when I commented on your last post because I wished I could have been sitting with you in person, I wanted to get close enough to be sisters, the kind who hug it out and say don't mind them, they can't touch you, you are so loved. And then dang it I called you the wrong name. The heart was pure though. I hope you could feel it. Love.

  7. Sister Moon-- They were totally hot. And you know how I feel about your porch and your village!

    Mommy-- I'm always happy to see anything from you.

    Kristin--So glad that the very worst days of being a mom are still better than the best days not being one. At least for me.

    Jameil -- You have been inspiring me with your running! And I bet you're an AWESOME teacher!

    Angella -- Yes, the love was totally felt! My best friend's name is Lisa, and we are often mistaken for one another so no worries at all! :) I appreciate your kind words and wisdom always. Thanks, sister--I could feel the closeness.

  8. I heart Grady Doc
    Her words soothe and inspire
    She is the real deal


"Tell me something good. . . tell me that you like it, yeah." ~ Chaka Khan

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