Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Speaking of great gifts. . . .GAAAHH!!


Alright--here's the apology in advance for yet another non-medical post. But, y'all! I have to tell you about this!!

No. I did not win the lottery or some big award. All this excitement is over something I saw on television. Uhhh, sorry.

Anyways--I cannot stop talking about and watching this. Seriously? Cannot. Okay. So this image above is from the Bravo television show "It's a Brad, Brad World" -- which admittedly I don't watch other than on random weekend marathons -- but for whatever reason, I caught yesterday evening.

So glad I did!

Okay, so check it. Brad and his partner Gary were celebrating their tenth anniversary and they threw this big ol' swanky backyard shindig. All kinds of beautiful people there, but mostly good friends from different stages in their lives. Other than the fact that they have a bunch of money, it seemed a lot like a very nice dinner or cocktail party that any of you would plan for your own friends.

Well. Gary gets up to give a toast to Brad. Both of them are pretty chatty dudes so it didn't surprise me that he had a bunch of very sweet things to say which got Brad all verklempt. He talked about how they met and how within hours of meeting how they were singing songs from Les Miserables at the tops of their lungs. Then everyone quieted down when Gary talked about how he knew right away that this was the person he'd fall in love with.

Now me? I don't care who you are or how many X chromosomes you or your sweetheart have. I'm just a sucker for a good love story. And love at first sight in the Mykonos? Man. That's my kind of love story. (Also, I'm sort of rooting for Brad since Rachel Zoe that designer lady on the show he spun off from isn't always so nice to him.) Yeah. So I was happy to learn that Brad is happily boo-ed up.

So yep. Even though I was channel surfing last night, once I got to this mushy love story, I stayed on the channel and watched the whole thing.'Cause I'm all about hearing about some love.

Anywho. Gary is talking and everyone there is looking all doe-eyed and love-filled and happy for them. Including me from my couch. So THEN, Gary just abruptly stops talking--which does catch me by surprise because, like I said, these dudes love to talk. In fact,  I have no idea how those two get a word in edgewise with one another.

But I digress.

So, yeah, the talking was over. Gary said something about how sometimes words don't suffice and then. . . . he just stopped talking.

And then this. Y'all!



Best. Surprise. Ever. Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT. O. M. expletive. G.


Y'all. Y'all!! A Broadway Flash Mob? Seriously? Seriously. I am beside myself!

Okay, this is totally on my bucket list.  To have someone put one on for me, or hell just to be in one. And no, I cannot sing. But neither could Gary and he was in this one!

If you plan a Broadway Flash Mob in your backyard--I'm your girl. For real.

Yes, Mom. For your sixty-fifth YOU wanted us all to have dinner with you. But me? I want folks to break out in song. And not just any ol' song either. . . .

BROADWAY song, baby. Woo hooooo!

Just in case you are wondering, any track from RENT will do. Ah hem.

That reminds me--have I ever told y'all about the day that Harry almost divorced me when I held him captive in the movie version of RENT?

Harry:  "Is he. . .  singing?"

Me:  "Yeah, babe."

Harry:  "Wait. . .why is he still singing? Wait. . . .aww hell no! Why is he singing, too?"

Me:  "It's a musical,babe."


Um, yeah. (And I may or may not have censored that a bit.)

See? NOW you know that the likelihood of the BHE  arranging or singing in a Broadway flash mob for me is about the same as him growing a big round afro and then perming it straight like James Brown. Yes. That means that this dream falls squarely on the shoulders of all of you.

So? So who's in? Who's down for being in my Broadway flash mob? Well?

*eyebrows raised, big goofy smile and feverish head-nodding*

Uhhh. . .hello? Where'd all y'all go. . . .

(You can use this one for me.)


  1. Um.....I may have just fallen deeply in love with you over this post.

    Doc = got it
    Mama = got it
    Humanist = got it
    Mac-n-Cheese expert = got it
    Great Writer = got it
    Amazing Introspect = got it

    Your JOY of a Broadway Flash Mob = did not see that coming.

    You rock, ma'am.

  2. love omgrrl's comment. didnt see it coming either!

    i would arrange that flash mob for you in a heartbeat. and omg, are you a rent head??? my daughter and i watched it again just last night!!! we've seen the live play twice!

    no day like today is one of my very favorite moments in the film, too.


  3. Omgrrrrl - So does this mean you're in? ;)

    Angella -- Oh man! Now I bet your girl could TOTALLY choreograph my Broadway flashmob, too! And if your son wants to just randomly do a long jump in it, that's cool, too. (And YES I LOVE me some RENT!!)

  4. First: If there is a Broadway flashmob going on within the southeast and it isn't on a pretest weekend, I am so down for it! I can do a mean Madame Thénardier since being on key is less important for her.

    Second: While I was not feeling his loafers/no sock/high water pants combo, I loved EVERYTHING else about that video--especially his reactions whenever someone new started singing!

    Third: Whenever I contemplate my student loan amounts I sing the cost to the tune of Seasons of Love from Rent.

  5. You make me laugh. Can I tell you that I'd rather have ice picks through my eyeballs than people to burst into Broadway songs? I would! But I do love the way you tell it.

  6. Search Vanessa's wedding on You tube. Since I share this fantasy and it's totally unlikely to ever come true, I plan to manipulate my daughters wedding party (in the far off future) and get my fix that way.

    Everyone needs a fantasy...love this post.

  7. You made my day! I've never watched that show, but the clip was Amazing! I got all sniffly. Flash mobs make me cry, it's inexplicable. And Rent - my daughter and I watched it together and it is our absolute favorite musical. Time to rewatch it I think. Thanks for the smiles this morning! You are just too cool...

  8. I would totally plan a Broadway Flash Mob for you! Hmmm, I have either 3.5 years until you turn 45 or 8.5 until you turn 50... Zachy & Isaiah will be old enough to participate by then. LOL!

    After we talked, I think I watched that clip about 3 times. Nothing was better than watching Brad's reaction. He was like a little kid. thank you for having me watch that. I had stopped watching "It's a Brad Brad World", because Brad annoyed me a little bit (and I was just watching too much crap.) But I think I like him again. That was wonderful.

    I went on Twitter to look at comments, and everyone is equally in love with Gary & Brad. Everyone is looking for their "Gary" now. :-)


  9. We did a flash mob to "Born in the USA" at the US Embassy in Cameroon last year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps. There's talks that another - more public - one is in the works and will involve Cameroonians. Can't. Wait.

  10. Okay, so I sat down and the TV was on Bravo. I didn't feel like changing the channel, so I figured I'd watch this while I waited on WWHL.

    This was the BEST EVER!!!! I was almost crying, but then his Mom got up and she was going HARD!! LOL!

    I did enjoy it. I'm not one for Broadway tunes or musicals, but this was the absolute best. And the red flag at the end was icing on the cake.

  11. I LOVED that clip and I plan to watch it six more times and send the link to my dearest friends! I would be embarrased to be on the receiving end of that, but man! it would be super fun to be one of the participants.

    Most fun I have had today!! Thank you.

    Barbara from Texas

  12. o.m. expletive. g. is right! that was just amaze-balls. love love love.

  13. I know, right? That was THE BEST GIFT!!!

  14. I've never seen the tv show and never seen rent either but that was great (both of the clips). and I agree with pserendipity that the red flag was a good touch.

  15. Nah. I'm no singer. But I do love Brad. And I do love love. So I'd love to come to your party. But I'll just sing quietly to myself and you'll be glad.

  16. Love stories are just too beautiful for words. That was just fabulous... Sign me up! I'll sing and accompany everyone on the piano, if one is found nearby.

    My answer to the old philosopher's questions:
    What is beauty? --- Love!
    What is love? --- Beauty!
    What is life? --- The mathematics of love and beauty!

  17. Pssht - I am SO in. And don't let Ms. Moon fool you. I have heard that woman belt out a Sea Shanty like no other.

  18. Girl, you had me laughing all over again remembering the story of when you took Harry to see Rent...LOL!!

    He had every right to divorce you...but I'm glad he didn't, LOL!!

    I mean, you have to know my brother-in-law to really get a laugh outta this one...


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