Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So much for that.

Today on rounds:

"Dr. Manning, how many kids you got?"

"Two. I have two sons."

"Jest boys?"

"Yes,  ma'am."

"You ain't gon' try for that girl?"

"No, ma'am, I don't think so."

"But you young! Why you not gon' try for the girl?"

"I like having boys!"

"But you know that boys grow up an' they get a wife and leave. When you old it's your daughters that see about you and take care of you."

"Really? My dad always saw about his parents."

"Naww. I bet he had some sisters helping, too. It's always the girl children that see about the elders. Never the boys. Tha's why you need least one girl for when you get old. They'll see 'bout you and cook for you."

"Hmmm. Good to know."

"Wait. How old you is?"

"How old am I?"

"Yeah, doc. You in your thirties yet?"

"I'm forty-one."



"You forty-one!?"

"Yes, ma'am. Forty-one just this past September."

*Big goofy smile on my face, expecting her to tell me how good I look.*

"Damn. You old."


Love. This. Job.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Oh I loved this! Wise words, funny words, ouch words...words with wisdom that fall like the leaves...who takes care of us when we get "old"? My three girls and youngest a son...the joke goes that he who is last is responsible!

  2. My husband has two sisters and he did the lion's share of taking care in their parents' final years.

    Just sayin.

  3. I gave birth to one son and three daughters (as you well know). I gained an extra daughter and an extra son through the marriages of my son and second daughter (you)! Both love and care for me in ways that fill my heart with unspeakable joy. You will get daughters when your sons marry wonderful women.

  4. And who is to say you won't have another (wonderful) boy or two??? Be happy with what you have because as your mom says, you will have daughters and won't have to deal with drama, braces or college expenses!

  5. Anyone who knows my boys knows that not only will I not have to worry about them not taking care of me, but more getting them out of my house. They do love them some Mommy. I'm just sayin'.

    That same patient asked my intern if she had kids and then, after she said no, told her, "Well you betta hurry up. 'Cause lookin' at you it look like you ain't got but 8 years left."

    8 years? Where that came from I do not know. LOL!

  6. you've got some sweet boys!!
    and i have a girl- you know it- but i think it's my boys who will be taking care of this mama!


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