Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Zachary.

Loving you is wonderful
Something like a miracle
Rest assured I feel the same way you do
Needing you it isn't hard
With you I can let down my guard
Stay secure is all I'm asking of you
I wish I had words to tell
This feeling that I know so well
but I don't. . . 

I don't. . . 

All that I can say
All that I can say
All that I can say is. . . 

Knowing him, loving him
showing him that I'm all in
living and forgiving him
I would do it all again

Genuine, seraphim
sweeter than cinnamon
Heaven-sent gentleman
Synonyms for loving him

I love you, I love you
Don't wanna live without you
You're all that I can say.

~ "All That I Can Say" as sung by Mary J. Blige
(Lyrics by Lauryn Hill)

Another year, but the same song is looping in my head 365 days later.  I guess it's because I look for the words to describe what it's like to be your mother and I become a weepy mess. That's when I stop and sing that song instead. . . .

Baby boy, know this--you are cherished and were conceived in love. Fortunately, that love is still intact and working together to build you up into a man who recognizes his worth and feels proud of who he is. Yes. Because who you are is wonderful. . .something like a miracle.

Sigh. . . .I wish I had words to tell. . . .but I don't.  I love you, son. I so, so do. That's all that I can say (without crying.)

*If you want a chuckle, read the story of my labor with Zachary here.


  1. Oh, happy birthday to your little Zachary. And happy birth day to YOU!

  2. Happy birthday to your precious beloved boy!

  3. awww- happy birthday!! to both of you!
    i'm missing you- how i would love a dinner and drink at murphy's - just to transport back for that and then return here- to where i'm supposed to be- for now..

  4. Look at that fine boy. And I loved the story of your labor- I'm a huge sucker for labor stories.
    You done good.

  5. FANTASTIC birth story! I love how your husband whispered to you that you were being obnoxious :o) ha! happy bday to your son!


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