Monday, October 24, 2011

Crack is whack.

Whitney was right: crack is totally whack.

True story:

Standing at the elevator this morning in my white coat looking all official-like. These Grady elders walk up and see me and then give me the proud-grandmama/proud-granddaddy twinkle in their eye. The one that says, "Look at her, she's a doctor!"  And I smile and stand all tall-like because I know that look, especially when it comes from people who look like me.

So there we all are. Them twinkling and me smiling.  Then my phone beeps so I reach into my pocket to get it. In that moment, the elders noticed my cracked-face iPhone 3G and seem to deduct every last one of the cool points they'd given me earlier. Yes, I'm cheap, okay? And yes, I know the new iPhone just came out, but this one still works. . . .


You can only have so much swagger with a cracked phone. Just saying.

P.S. Don't worry--my dad just got the new iPhone 4S and is sending me his old one to replace this one.

Happy Monday.


  1. Why is it that those iPhones always crack? I know so many people who have cracked iPhones --

    Dare I make a derogatory comment about the iPhone? :)

  2. "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." Good job Doc, I'm proud of you. And of your father for passing his old one along to his doctor daughter ;-D

  3. The screen replacement is a pretty easy fix. You can order a kit to do it yourself, or go to the mall and pay some kids $50 to do it for you. Personally, I recommend the latter option. Then you'll have a spare!

  4. LOL "Cmon doc! Standing all tall over there witcha broke phone! Disgrace to the race!" Can my dad send me an iPhone???? Please??

  5. yeah, but your dad will absolutely make you envious of the Iphone4. it is too cool to be imagined. so many features that throw it over the top.

  6. hey, you got kids, a job, a lover. who has time to replace a phone that still works?

    thank God your dad has your back, though.

    and i promise you, those elders did not take back a single one of their cool points.


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