Sunday, August 7, 2011

Side effects.

This picture was taken on rounds the other day. . .just two seconds after my resident and I sang "Happy Birthday" to one of our patients. We sang it loud and proud and our patient just smiled and smiled.  Man, how she smiled. My favorite part was the part where she was singing with us and substituted "Happy Birthdaaaay, dear ME-EEEE" for the part where we said her name. I also loved how she was waving her fingers high and animated like a conductor leading an orchestra through a beautiful masterpiece concerto.

People were wondering what the commotion was about and sticking their head in there and everything. That made her smile even more and us sing even louder and prouder. She then said, "Wow. I feel so special."

Yeah.  That's what she said. And isn't it cool for someone to say that to you on their birthday? Because really, isn't that your goal on somebody's birthday? Like, isn't it really?

We examined her carefully and compared our findings that day on rounds. Next we wrote orders for her medications and discussed the progress of what had her hospitalized. Yes, we did the business part and answered all of the questions, too. We crossed the 't's' and dotted the 'i's' and made sure about the things that needed to be made sure of. We sure did.

But the best therapy we had to offer that morning on rounds was when we sang "Happy Birthday." Loud and proud. . . .

Man. I love it when "feeling special" is a side effect of our treatment.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Vicky Pruitt in East Texas..I really, really enjoy reading your blog. I know that you are tempted to stop blogging, but please!...It has good side effects on me. Makes my day a little brighter (like today). Other days like your phone call to your Uncle was so revealing and compelling to me to have more compassion for "those ole druggies". I mean, I guess that I either forgot, or never considered, that they are real people. They were like my little brother, a really sweet youngster with real problems (that I knew nothing about..I was married and living away). Oh, I don't need to go into all of that..but you reminded me of the human factor..flesh and bones and hearts. Love your children and paw paw camp, your wonderful husband. And, you, the doctor, are the best draw..we readers get to see the 'other side' of doctoring. Girl, I'm learning so much about people just by reading your blog. (And, about myself!) Thanks a million! Vicky P

  2. Yeah, I love those kind of side effects too!
    Thanks for this. I needed to hear "some wonderful" today.
    xo, misha

  3. And that Happy Birthday song may have done more for her than ANY medication has done or will do.

  4. Happy Sunday to you,
    Happy Sunday to you ,
    Happy Sunday Dear. Dr. M,
    Happy Sunday to you! :)
    ...and to all of us, your blog readers...

    Thanks for the lovely post.

  5. That's the sort of side effect we could all live with.


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