Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come on, Irene.

As my blog-friend says, "Irene can suck it."

Mother Nature was nice to us in Atlanta this weekend. But that doesn't mean we aren't thinking of and praying for those to whom she hasn't been as kind.
I pray that you and those you love and are worrying about are shielded from any calamity or catastrophe that this hurricane is trying to bring. And if for some chance they or you are affected, may the recovery be swift, the assistance be abundant, and the resources be great.


Insert "Irene" for every place that Dexy's Midnight Runners says "Eileen." I admit I still have no idea what this song is about. But it works for this situation. . . .


  1. Thank you from Maine, still in the midst of Irene... long night ahead...

  2. Yes. You were all here for me after the earthquake earlier this year, its only right for me to express the same sentiment. Much love to everyone affected. Stay safe.

  3. Julia MM-- Praying it goes okay.

    NZ Lucy-- Yes, we were right there for you, my friend. Always warms my heart to know I have a friend in New Zealand. :)

  4. Oh, I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one with "Come on Irene", er, "Eileen", running through my head all weekend.

  5. Came back to say all's well & I LOVE the pink-glasses avatar :-) (maybe you've always had it but just noticed!)

  6. Yaaay! Glad all is well on the Northeastern front!


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