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With my linesister and one of my bff's, Ebony ~ half woman, half amazing

"Chance made us sisters, hearts made us friends."

~ Anonymous

In 1992, I pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority as a collegiate at Tuskegee University in Alabama. It was one of the best things I've ever done. On Thursday I joined a group of wonderful women to celebrate our sorority's "Founders Day."

Fun, friends, festivity, and faux fur . . .what more could you ask for?

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated was founded on January 13, 1913. On this day, there are often big celebrations all over the country for Delta girls, and for the last few years, I've met up with a few of my sorority sisters from around the Atlanta area. This year was particularly fun because the bunch of women I gathered with all had one thing in common: we pledged Delta at Tuskegee University. It was really great!

Delta girls from after my time ~ 1998 initiates.

There are nine historically black Greek letter organizations. Delta Sigma Theta just happens to be the best of the sororities. (Okay, I'm biased.) Anyways, with all such organizations, your pledge constitutes a lifelong promise to remain active in the community and in public service. Upon graduation, you join a graduate chapter to continue this commitment, or for some people who don't pledge while in school, initiation takes place long after they have finished college. The take home point is that, while college sorority and fraternity life is a load of fun in these organizations, the real work begins after you get your degree. In fact, it's an expectation.

Sooooo . . for those unfamiliar, this is why you see people that appear waaaaayy too old to be wearing Greek paraphernalia proudly donning their t-shirts and with placards decorating the fronts of their cars. You'll never hear someone say "I used to be a Delta when I was in college." Or use past tense when referring to any historically African-American Greek letter organization. Once you make that promise, it becomes a part of who you are and how you roll. For good.

Generations of Tuskegee Deltas!

The best part was seeing all of us all grown up. Way back when, I felt so much older than my sorority sisters who pledged in the late nineties. Now, here we all were. . .sipping margaritas, talking about school closings, jobs, and life. . . all grown up.

What's most exciting is that all of these once silly college girls have morphed into more than just grown women with careers and families---almost everyone is walking in their purpose and doing great things--and that's awesome. Today we are still Deltas, but now we are also moms, wives, aunties, breast cancer survivors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, television and radio personalities, social workers, entrepreneurs, authors, nurses, fitness experts, pharmaceutical representatives, real estate moguls and so much more.

"Stomping the yard" with my college roommate the night our initiation was final. . .
. . .and as grown-ups at Homecoming weekend sixteen years later

I guess the other cool part is that same things that made us all desire to be members of this public service-oriented sorority has also made us gel as friends. Delta brought some of my very best friends (and hence very best memories) into my life.

Today I'm reflecting on the wonderful, wonderful relationships that I have been afforded through membership in Delta Sigma Theta. I am also reflecting on the legions of Delta women who have changed the world, and the ones who are making history as we speak.

Just a few of the fabulous Delta women I know and love. . . . .

With my "number" -- a 2007 pledge at Tuskegee
With the great artistic director of The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater ~ Judith Jamison

Michelle J., with future Delta Paige (holding Isaiah as a baby. . awwww!)

My "front" and my rock, Crystal. We pledged together!
Hanging out with sorority sisters from my current graduate chapter this summer
With Stacy H., one of my favorite Grady doctors--yep, also a Delta!

On my 40th birthday, surrounded by my sorority sisters turned old friends (linesisters from Spring 1992 at Tuskegee!)

My favorite Delta diva, Jan L.

With the late icon and former national president, Dorothy I. Height
Ten Year Line Anniversary
Singing and celebrating on our college campus and at a step show (above) with my  GT '98 "little" sis
D.C.'s finest attorney, Sherrese H. and her mommy -- both awesome Delta women!
My linesisters acting crazy at my wedding!
Sweet April W. ~ I wrote her letter for her Delta initiation, and now she's a Delta, too!
Stacy B. and my sis, Deanna ~ no one knows more about the sorority than these two!
with my Tuskegee sorority sister and friend, Tamika. She pledged in 1996, the year I graduated med school!
Celebrating with our sorority sister, Tasia, who had just been the lead in "A Raisin in the Sun."

Two of the best friends and linesisters a girl could have: Ebony and Joy
My favorite "Delta dear" ~ Winifred S.
Deltas, moms, and friends ~ with Kim B., my oldest friend ever (also a Delta!)

With Michele T. and Falona G. celebrating our line anniversary

and here with Michele T. celebrating her being breast cancer free!

Wow. It just dawned on my that I could go on and on and on and on about the wonderful friends, mentors, and so much more that I have been connected to through Delta Sigma Theta. We've been through so much together. I could go on and on and on. . . .so I'll stop here. :)

Happy Birthday, Delta Sigma Theta! Cheers to the twenty two fabulous women who started it all back in 1913 and to the countless Delta women who continue to inspire me 98 years later!

The 22 Founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated at Howard University.

Hearts intertwined

Spokesperson and survivor
So THAT explains the forty-somethings with the sorority tags on their cars!


  1. so nice to look at pictures of pretty people! Sorority life is definitely something to remember! Sounds like you love your sisters!

  2. fantastic pictures!! the past and present pictures of you and your roommates are amazing--you both haven't aged. i'm going to be looking into those body pump classes you blog about pronto!

  3. Happy Founders Day, Soror! This was a great post, and many of us feel the same way about our beloved Delta, and especially our Chapters! Wish I had more time to read all of your posts, but I'll definitely be back!

  4. Kim, this is so awesome!!! Thanks for the shout out, but we MUST take another picture together so I can redeem myself from this one!!! Again, you are one of my role models, girl;-) Love you, T. Wiggins

  5. Oh my goodness Kim! This is so wonderful...I just happened upon your blog post searching for something else. To my surprise here I am! You are an awesome woman. I can speak for all of my line sisters here in Atlanta when I asy we admire you and love you sooooo much!

    Gamma Tau
    Spr. 98
    Atlanta Suburban Alumnae

  6. ......and I thought I was the only special one. Looks like Kim is inspiring and spreading much love all over the place! Keep up the good work role model.

    Much Love,
    GT Spr 98'

  7. To My Back INC, K to the D, the first bob in Skegee, my sister, my friend!!!

    What an awesome article!!! Kim, you never cease to amaze me with your words and thoughts. I am so godly proud of you and ALLLLL of who you have become and shall be.

    One of your biggest cheerleaders,

    Front INC., Velveeta, Cridda, and Crystal

  8. Soror,

    This was an awesome post!

    In Sisterly Love,

    AT Spring '03
    Memphis Alumnae Chapter

  9. I am not a soror, but I so admire your vigor and deep passion that is very tangible for Delta sigma Theta Inc. I was randomly looking around the web and I happened upon your blog, to say the least, I am personally inspired to as passionate about ALL things in my life from reading some of your entries. I attend Georgia State University and I actually was involved in a car crash right in front of Grady Hospital, so I feel like in some cosmic way were are connected, and as a young woman addressing a very accomplished woman, I hope I can live a life as prosperous as yours. Keep inspiring people, including ones you don't know like me, everyday. Thank you. ---Bryanna Brown


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