Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Don't make me over.

All work and no play makes Grady a dull hospital.....

Grady = Good Times

This lovely snapshot was taken today, courtesy of one our Emory senior medical students. After our meeting about her residency plans, we got on to some very important topics such as her long, lovely hair that seemed to have grown to supermodel proportions since the last time we met!

It kind of went something like this:

Me: "Girrrrl, look how pretty your hair is!! What'd you do--put that Latisse eyelash potion on your ponytail?"

Her: laughter

Being the uber-serious at all times role model that I am, of course we discussed her career plans first....but very soon after I decided I'd try on Parissa's hair -- juuuust in case I require entrance into a witness protection program at some point. (I'm just sayin'!)

Answers to the questions you are surely thinking:

  • Yes. That's her own luscious ponytail (not a clip-in weave) that I spontaneously turned into a toupee.
  • Yes. I am one of the people training America's future doctors. (Scary, I know.)
  • No. There were no patients or animals harmed during this experiment.

Hope you took a few moments from all that work to play a little today, too. In every day there's a little bit of fun just a-waiting to be had.

Happy Wednesday! ;)


  1. Phenomenal! Who wants a super serious role model when they can have a fabulous fun one?! I've just found and adore your blog. Thanks for creating smart + sassy reading material - the best kind! Cheers to you and your trainees, Headstrong

  2. I'm definitely taking your advice to heart and incorporating a little fun into studying for the Boards. All about the balance!

  3. Hi, I have been enjoying reading your blog! I am a believer in Israel. I would like to be in touch about using part of a photo on the blog for Dec 29th. Please contact Teresa at

    Blessings and thanks. Teresa


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