Tuesday, January 11, 2011

California vs. Cleveland

Atlanta Snow Day, Part II

Harry is from Cleveland, and I am a Los Angeles native. Although Harry doesn't seem interested at all in moving back to the Lake Erie area, he's definitely kept his lake-effect snow roots. With the six inch cover of snow we got in Atlanta, you could tell that he was no novice the minute we all got outside.

"Daddy, let's make a snowman!" Isaiah exclaimed.

"This isn't good snowman snow. This is good snowfort snow, though."

"What about igloo-making?" Isaiah countered.

Harry thought about that for a moment and then said, "Yeah. It's good igloo-making snow, too."  

Interestingly, our kids seem to be clearly divided between Dad's Ohio roots and my California sunshine genes.  Isaiah can play in the white stuff all day. He'll be out there with chattering teeth, soaked gloves and a big ol' smile as long as you allow him. For an Atlanta native, he's a natural. (Just like his Cleveland native dad--the entrepreneur who, at 8 years old, asked for a snowblower for Christmas--but that's a whole 'nother story. . .)

Now this is a complete contrast to Zachary. Zachary is similar to his California dreamin' mother in that he likes to go out there for a minute, be a part of some fun photo opportunities, and then head in for some cider or hot chocolate. My kind of kid.

But seriously? Zachary might be a bit worse than me.  First of all, he came out there with all of his beach-digging equipment. Very naïve to think that it would work on six inches of wet snow, I know.  He had to learn the hard way . . . . 

2 minutes outside: check out the shovel

 Four minutes outside

Meanwhile, Harry and Isaiah happily built a snow fort (that allegedly will be remodeled into an igloo tomorrow.) Zachary, on the other hand, did this:

Goin' back to Cali: The sixth minute.

And then requested this:

Happy Snow Day!

Let's hear it for photo opps!

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  1. This is great! We are on our second snow day out here.


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