Thursday, September 1, 2016

Words of affirmation.

Today I received an email from a former Emory student/resident that was, quite possibly, the single, most moving thing I've ever had written to me or about me in my entire career. I'm busy right now. Just got back on the hospital service. Have been mad at myself about missing personal deadlines on completing a manuscript I need to finish. And dreading the over 15 "strong" letters of recommendation that students are depending upon me to write for their residency applications. This work can be so grueling sometimes. And sometimes thankless, too.

I started out this day feeling frazzled. I rushed the kids all around the house this morning and still got both of them to school just after the bell. (Fail.) After that, I drove to work coaching myself like a good girlfriend, saying things like, "Girl, stop tripping! You are a great mom" and "Oh, come on. You're an awesome doctor." Because, you know? It was just one of those days. I was so turned around at one point that I thought it was Friday. Except it was Thursday.

But then I checked my email. While sitting in my minivan waiting for my son to come out of ultimate frisbee practice and feeling flustered about the things I still had to do once I got home. A simple tap of my thumb and there it was. Waiting on my iPhone like a balm for my soul. On a day that I truly needed it.

As a clinician educator, I have won some really great awards--I'm talking career-defining ones that parents and family fly in to witness. I've also done some cool stuff--from talking to Anderson Cooper on CNN to publishing in JAMA and Annals of Internal Medicine in the same month to even getting a medical blog nod in the doggone Oprah Magazine. But nothing--and I do mean nothing--compares to one individual learner's affirmation that you've had a real, true impact on his or her life and career. It supersedes any trophy, plaque or media attention. My fellow clinician educators (and educators in general) know what I mean.

You know what? I feel like going on.


Happy Thursday (not Friday.)


  1. Wait, what did the email say???

    And I for one know that in guiding young doctors the good you do is rippling out far beyond what any of us can see. So I'm really glad you got that affirmation right when you needed it most. We definitely need you to continue on.

  2. You always radiate such energy in your photos -- I can only imagine what an immense and inspirational teacher you are to your students. Keep going!


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