Sunday, September 4, 2016

Rose-colored heart.

My patient took off her glasses and said, "I can't keep looking through these rose-colored glasses. I just can't."

I was holding her hand and both of us had tears in our eyes. Her body was sick and she knew it. I felt sad because there wasn't any other treatment to offer.

Then, all of a sudden, she looked at me and smirked. "You know what? I just noticed that these ol' glasses of mine really are rose-colored!" She threw her head back and laughed so hard that I did, too.

After that, we just sat in silence. Holding hands, looking out the window, and wishing on invisible stars.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Sometimes the only option is acceptance. And few things could be harder.

  2. I am quite old and I have heard many songs and I have always loved lyrics and I have heard the "rose" many times. BUT this is the first time I ever "listened" to the words!!! It made my chest heave...
    Thanks Dr. KD

  3. This such a BEAUTIFUL post even if it is so heartbreaking. So grateful as a human being that you took the time to be THERE for her! LN


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