Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Looking for the love getaway.

Here's a few little pieces of this little life of mine. 
Little stones skipping on the not-so-placid lake of my life.

On rounds yesterday:

Someone said, "Grady Hospital saved my life."

I replied, "It saved mine, too."

Taking Zachary's picture at football last weekend.

"What is this expression on your face, son?" I laughed out loud.

"This is my 'game face,' Mom. Everybody needs a game face you know."


Two of my favorite nice Jewish gentlemen that happen to have a connection as present and former Grady doctors. Yes. Doctors. (Sorry, ladies--they're taken.)

Julie and I were practicing the ending to the lecture we gave last week at the Hospital Medicine conference. "Let's just chuck a deuce at the end!" I said.

"How about double deuces?" she replied.


I met Esele when she first came out of nursing school and started working at Grady several years back. She was proudly wearing a Delta Sigma Theta lanyard while drawing up meds.

"You're a Delta girl?" I asked.

"You know it!" she responded.

"Where were you made?" I went on.

Her chest poked out and she said, "At the Gamma Tau chapter. Tuskegee University."

Boom. And yes she said THE Gamma Tau chapter which I loved. And yes, of all the Deltas I meet, this thrilled me to no end to meet one who pledged into the same chapter I did.
Albeit over a decade later.

Two Tuskegee Deltas stamping out disease at Grady. She's now the nurse manager on that same floor where we met and we've been connected ever since.

Cool, right?

Sent this selfie to my good friend who is fighting a new diagnosis of breast cancer.

"You got this," I wrote in a text. Then I added this hashtag:


I love this picture of Grady taken on my way out last week. I really do.

I wear red whenever I give a lecture somewhere. It used to be mostly because it's my "power color."

It's still that. But also it reminds me of Deanna and makes me imagine her on the front row. That gives me wings every single time.

My dear Grady BFF Lesley had just given the big-big Grand Rounds in front of all of the big-big people. It was absolutely spectacular.

"Be honest. How was it?" she asked.

"It was the best Grand Rounds I've ever seen," I replied.

Which was true.

On a day when I was thinking about how right it feels for me to be at Grady. I was in the zone when I took this picture and wanted to capture it.

So I did.

Team selfie on a random work day. Why? Why not?

Is it normal to be in love with your children? Because I am. 

I mean, most days. Yeah. Most days I am. This day I was.

With my awesome high school senior nephew, Dave. They say I'm the one who spit him out which makes us all laugh. He looks more like me than my kids or his own parents. Even in specs. 

He's a great kid.

"I'm headed down the Atlanta highway. . . .
looking for the love getaway. . ."

~ The B-52s

The other day, the kids and I were rocking out in the car on I-285 to "Love Shack" by the B-52s.  Not when this picture was taken, of course. It just reminds me of us jamming out that day.

And no, I don't take selfies on interstate 285. 

So that. Us and music together. Especially that particular song on that particular day. It was so, so awesome. That song will forever make me happy no matter what and I love that it made them happy, too.

Work ages my hands. But it also reminds me that I do important things with them. So I love them anyway.

Cold weather running season is here. I'm so happy. And feeling rather bad ass.

Can't you tell?

This is my close friend and line sister Ebony. She's a breast cancer survivor--and one of the reasons I am so thankful for breast cancer treatment and detection. Love her so. 

She is so full of light, right?

Life is good. Reflecting on it is like the love getaway for me. 


That's all I have. That, and this--the B-52s singing "Love Shack." 

I dare you to try to listen to this without getting up and rocking out. I dare you.

*You're welcome.* 

Who wants to yell out: "TIN ROOF! RUSTY!"

Happy HUMP DAAAAAAY! Got my game face on for the last day of wards. Le sigh.


  1. Good morning, Sister Doctor! Love from Lloyd- looks like you've got it all covered there in Atlanta!

  2. I love all the pictures. I miss you. Can't wait to give you a big hug in 9 days!


  3. Had to de-lurk at those photos of you and your handsome nephew. The similarity is creeping me out. It's almost like someone copy-pasted your face and added thicker eyebrows. Love it!

  4. My kids are now 29 and 33, and we can still sing all the B-52s songs! Great times when they were young.

  5. Awesome jam - makes me want to do a Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince move...and I cant wait to have children of my own and be truly madly deeply in love with them

  6. LOL! I only sing marginally well so when my daughter and I were regulars at karaoke I would only sing funny songs to at least be entertaining. Love Shack was one of them.

    I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. I will add her to my prayers when I'm praying for my bc sisters. I would really love to see a day when we can put the pink ribbons away because we have a cure. And one that is not as destructive as chemo.

  7. If your friend is in Atlanta she should check out It is an awesome resource.

  8. I am so glad to know that you and Esele have met. She's my daughter's, Jessica, Line Sister. I also want to thank you so much for your help when my Soror and Friend Royce needed medical assistance earlier this year. Your immediate actions were life changing.


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