Monday, October 13, 2014

From the mouths of babes.

Right before heading over to Will and Fran's on Saturday evening:

Isaiah: Mom, I've been thinking about what reasons God would have had to let Auntie pass away.

Me: You have?

Isaiah: Yeah. Well. . . I think I know at least one of the reasons.

Me: You do?

Isaiah: Mom? I kind of think God might have wanted our family to be closer. Ever since Auntie's funeral I feel like we are even closer to each other and good at showing our love more. Like I see my cousins more and everybody just seems like they talk more and are closer.

Me: Hmmm. Do you think that pleases God?

Isaiah: I think so, Mom. Because I know it pleases me.

Me: Me, too, son. Me, too.


That exchange made me think of this night and how glad I am that Deanna was here to witness it. It still amazes me that she had the foresight to snap that video of that moment between my brother and me. It's almost like she knew something or that the whole universe knew to give us that magical evening with a piece caught on film.

Fall makes me miss her. Especially fall.

Happy Monday. Measure your life in love, okay?


  1. What a wise little spirit you have there, such a deep thinker. What love you have all watered in him, in both your boys, what loving hearts. I remember that post you linked. It was one of my favorites ever. How wonderful that you had that time together. I know you miss your sister, that your heart will always ache for her, but she is smiling down on you, surely she is, and her heart just might have burst when she heard her nephew say this. Those boys. Your family. Beautiful.

  2. Love this post. Your son has been blessed with the spirit of discernment. He's already a wise young man.

    Oh and I LOVED the phrase in the 2012 blog

    "Like a well-behaved elephant in the room with a giant wrist watch on, counting down the minutes to when you can get back to whatever you both were doing."

    --Signed Waiting for your book

  3. He is such a special kid -- both of your boys are wonderful. I'm sorry that you're missing your beautiful sister -- fall does seem to court melancholy and longing. I see your sister's smile in my mind's eye -- just from your words, and I imagine she is always, always with you and your boys.


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