Friday, January 24, 2014

Random images of This American Life.

Leaving the med school today. This hat makes me happy.

Date night with my boys.

More date night selfies.
Took this with my cell phone last week. Thought it looked so complicatedly peaceful.

With Small Group Gamma on Tuesday night.

Red dress on Founders Day.


Reflecting on Dr. King at his church home.
A piece of chocolate at the Hot Chocolate Race Expo today.

Meeting with Syed S. -- soon to be graduate of EUSOM. I liked his bow tie. #swanky

Stone Mountain run with Crystal H. Cowbell in the background. #morecowbell

Grady on the way to night float. Courtesy of Lucas G.

Self explanatory. Such an awesome team. Epic even.
Hanging out with Uncle Keith (Zachary's godfather)

Feeling strong after a "run-meeting" with one of the residents. Cool, right?

With fellow Grady doctor, Stacy H. Have no idea what I'd do without her.

Sorority meeting Saturday. It always feels like home. With Bev S.

Grady from a window on night float. Courtesy of Lucas G. Who was on night float.

With my friend and Grady doctor Carlos dR. He was just inducted into the Institute of Medicine. #hugedeal

Dinner with Jason S. Another of my Grady doctor partners in crime.

With Jessie P. from Small Group Delta on her birthday last week.

My patient's t-shirt the other day. Want one of these for Poopdeck. Awesome.

At HLN for a segment about the brrrrrrr cold.

He organized "a bunch of kids" to make this larger than life MLK. He did the directing but not the drawing. #likefatherlikeson

Skype-ing homework with Grandpa. 4 nights per week. #godsend #notkidding
Z and Fi. Still siblings. #theoriginals

With Uncle Will at his new restaurant.

Sunday long run with my soror Jen M. Also a former Grady doctor.

Right after teaching small group.

Boys watching Dr. King. And thinking about his dream.

Take mental pictures. And real ones, too. Whatever it takes to savor your life while you're in it. #lifeisgood

Happy Friday.


  1. LOL Your patient's t-shirt is awesome. Do you work with any osteopathic physicians?

  2. What a great montage of work, life, happiness -- thank you for sharing it. I thought of YOUR DAD when I saw this tee-shirt that one of my sisters bought my father. Here's the link:

  3. Love the Skyping homework with grandpa #heartmelting. That is awesome!

  4. Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Loved the pictures. The one of Grady at night is spectacular! But you know I was looking for one of my "fetching" friend. LOL!

  6. Your life is so full. Loved this glimpse of all the ways. And your brother has a new restaurant? Your family is deep in the business my baby girl wants to go into! Wishing every success.

  7. Damn Grady Doctor :) It's amazing how your words and photos bless this African soul right here in Kenya. *sigh* I'd ramble on and on but it would be so much and random to he he. God bless you and your people so so much.
    Liz Litali :)


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