Monday, January 27, 2014

Instead of Kool-Aid.

Here are a few pieces from a few of the conversations I had at Grady today:

Me:  "You're looking good."

Her:  "That's because I lost two hundred pounds."

Me:  "Huh?"

Her:  "Divorce, baby." (starts "raising the roof" with her hands)



Him:  "I brought my food diary like you said. I'm not doing so bad."  (Hands me food diary.)

I study the diary in silence. I'm not even sure where to start.

Me:  "Uhhh, okay. So instead of this Kool-Aid, how about water instead?"

Him: "No Kool-Aid? Awww man. I love Kool-Aid."

Me:  "But sir? Kool-Aid doesn't love you. Kool-Aid don't love nobody."

*shared laughter*


Grady elder:  "Hey there, Miss Manning!"

Me:  "Hey there! It's good to see you, sir!"

Grady elder: "And you know what, sugar? It's good to be seen--and not viewed."

*shared laughter*


Grady elder:  "Whatcho name is again?"

Me:  "Dr. Manning."

Grady elder:  "That's right. How you been doing, Miss Manning?"


Me:  "I don't think we've met."

Grady elder:  "Yeah we have."

Me:  "Really? I'm sorry. Usually I remember people."

Grady elder:  "It's okay. I'm wearing my young wig today so it probably threw you off."

Not to be confused with her old wig.


Me:  "Hi! Long time no see!"

Grady elder:  "Woooo. That dress make you look stout about the waist."

Me:  "You think?"

Grady elder:  "Mmmm hmmm. You 'specting or something?"

Me:  "No ma'am."

Grady elder:  "Okay. You probably just got that winter weight on ya."



Him:  "How was your weekend, Doctor?"

Me:  "It was good. I ran a 15K race. Which is like 9 miles and some change."

Him: "You did what?"

Me:  "Ran a race this weekend."

Him:  "Nine miles?"

Me:  "And some change."

Him: "Why in the hell would somebody run 9 miles if they ain't being chased? Sheeee-yit. No way."

*shakes his head extra hard*


Me:  "Hey there, sir."

Him:  (fanning his hands hard) "Uh oh. Hey there, Miss Manning."

Me:  "You alright?"

Him:  "Yeah. I jest let one go 'fore you came in. One a them silent-but-deadly types."

Me:  "Beg pardon? Uuuhhh. . . .*cough* never mind."

Him: "Tried to warn you that it was the silent-but-deadly type. But y'all the ones said 'eat more fiber.'"



Me: "Did you see the Grammys last night?"

Grady elder:  "The who?"

Me:  "The. . .uhhh. . .nevermind."

Grady elder:  "Oh! Yeah. . . I seen the part with Bee-yon-say. After that I fell on asleep."


Pretty much, me too.


Him:  "So instead of Kool-Aid drink what now?"

Me:  "Water."

Him: "Water?"

Me: "Water."

Him:  "Have you had water? It don't taste like nothing."

Me: "Yeah. I guess it kind of doesn't, does it?"

*shared laughter*

Love. This. Place.

Happy Monday-pretty much-Tuesday.

Now playing on my mental iPod. . . My patient's ringtone on her phone today. She was a Grady elder which made this even more awesome. (She was happy, by the way.)


  1. Those were awesome -- my favorite is the one where you're told that you look a bit thick around the waist. Ha!

  2. LOL I love the discussions you have with your patients. They are too funny and I'm sure make the day go by a lot faster. Congratulations on completing the 15k. I couldn't imagine taking that on.

  3. I love your patients!! I lost 200 pounds ... classic!!!

    Congrats on completing the 15K!! You go girl!!!

    Have a great week!!


  4. These are priceless. Thanks for the laugh. That part about thick around the waist? Good grief, you're a skinny thing, I'd have to hide from that elder.
    Yes, and congratulations on the 15k race. What an accomplishment.

  5. These literally made me LOL!

  6. that was funny - Grady Elders sound kind of like the members of my senior fitness class. They say what they want when they want to whomever they want. ;-)

  7. I laughed all through this. No wonder you love your work.


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