Friday, March 22, 2013

Top Ten: I'm lovin' it.

Hey there, good people. Today is Thursday-almost-Friday and I don't really have the energy to write out the stories swirling through my head. So you know what that means, right?


Okay. So. . .hmm. . . how about a top ten? I hope you don't mind.  On this late night I bring you:


Like to hear it? Here it go.

#10  The other J.T. (James Taylor is the "real" J.T.)

Have I ever confessed the ridiculously inappropriate cougar-y crush I have on Justin Timberlake? Uhhh, yeah. No, this isn't a new thing. I've been lovin' me some J.T. ever since he went solo. (Not when he had the scary curly fro in N*SYNC, though.) Deanna was crazy about him, too. I think she was even okay with the scary blonde afro N*SYNC version.

Justin Timberlake

Bless his heart.

But for me, it has nothing to do with his hair.

It's simple. He's confident and he has rhythm. I tell you. There's just something about a man that can dance on the beat--in that cool way like he's not even trying--that does it for me. Have I told you about my first date with the BHE? We went to some swanky spot in Buckhead and had drinks. They had a DJ downstairs and we went down there to dance. That man started moving and chile please. It was a WRAP for me. Ha ha ha. That Harry is a cool dancer. On the rhythm, confident, easy on his feet. Not all sweaty and Puff Daddy back up dancer-y or anything. Just. . . . .smooth.

Love. That.

So this? This I like about Justin Timberlake. Even more than his straight teeth and his singing voice.

You know what else? It makes me secretly hate on his wife, Jessica Biel. I always criticize her in magazines because she needs to back up off of JT. Mmmm hmmm. Like just last week in the hair salon I was in People magazine saying, "These bangs on Jessica Biel look a hot mess." Which was really, really random considering Jessica Biel is not usually on the salon radar.

I mean. It's not like she's Beyonce or Michelle Obama. Half the girls didn't even know who the hell she was.

Mmmm hmmm.

"She's the chick that's all up on my pop-music-People-magazine crush, that's who she is."

~_~    (That's my new code for "eyeroll.")

I bet she has zero rhythm. Like nada.

See? I should be dancing with all of this rhythm. Not a rhythmless chick with bad bangs. Just sayin'.

(Yes, I'm a hater.)

#9  Smashbox BB Cream

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35  

Okay. So have y'all tried a BB cream yet? OMG. I'm sort of infatuated with them. But I have now focused that infatuation in on this one particular brand. 

What's a BB cream, you ask? The "BB" stands for beauty balm, I think. And it's like a hybrid between tinted moisturizer, sunblock, and foundation. But it's waaaay sheerer than liquid foundation and has more coverage than tinted moisturizers. And! It comes in shades that actually match skin of color. Yay. 

Smashbox's BB cream is the one I'm lovin' right now. But--if you don't want to spend that much, I also really like the one from Maybelline that I picked up in CVS one day. 

All you non-make up girls? Try it. And you make up lovers? I'm sure you already have five different BB creams floating around your bathroom as we speak.

#8  --  Old school playing

 I love it whenever I witness my kids playing old school outdoor games. Like jump rope with a chant about what grade you're in or whatever it is you say until someone gets out. 

Can't you just hear the laughter and the playfulness? Oh, and peep the kids playing TETHERBALL in the background--is that old school or what?

#7  --   J. Lohr Seven Oaks Cab

J. Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon 

I am always lovin' this wine. It's so yummy. Haven't tried it? You should.

 #6  --  The things I see in my house that make no sense.

. . .like doing homework with a random Iron Man mask on. It works, man.

Doesn't it look like the start of a "Harlem Shake" video? I so wish it did.

#5  -- The Grady Electronic Medical Record

Dude. I used to spend no less than two hours per day waiting for elevators and looking for charts to sign. Now I take the stairs and all of the charts are in the computer. Best. Thing. Ever. 

We can even review films and EKGs on our computers at home. I'm lovin' that.

#4  -- My new glasses.

The BHE picked them out. I feel so chic when I wear them. 

What's even better is that I got them from our close friend and Harry's linebrother, Steve D., who owns Omega Optical Luxury Eyewear in Philadelphia. Yep. I ordered glasses from out of town--and it worked out perfectly.

Hey! Who's in Philly? Check out my brother, Steve at Omega Optical in the Comcast Center or in Cheltenham Mall. He has awesome things, offers superior service and is a great friend, too. Love these, Steve!

#3  -- My beaded bracelets

My friend Sheila made these and also some more for me. That creme one is super special because it has an angel wing pendant on it. She made it for me to remember my sissy by. I love wearing it because it always makes me think of her.

#2  -- Harlem Shake Videos.

Am I the only one who loves these ridiculous things? I particularly love when little kids are in them. I tried to get the BHE to do one with me but he shot it down. 


#1  --   My last ward team at Grady: Team IGNITION!

OMG. I sooooo hearted this team. 

First of all, my brand new medical students: Jay and Eric. So smart. So earnest. So interested. So great. I totally wanted to put them in my pocket and carry them around the hospital for the rest of the year. 

Not. Even. Kidding.

Then: My rockstar 4th year student, Mulligan. He's not just tall and handsome. The dude is smart, too. 

Here he is with his equally good-looking (and smart) fiancee, Tua L. They had just found out they'd gotten their number one choice at UCSF for Radiology and Psychiatry, respectively.

How awesome is that?

I also looooved my two interns, Joe and Jen, and also my very tall and very awesome senior resident, Curtis. We really had a great time together.

I always have two simple goals on every ward month: 

1.  Take excellent care of patients.
2.  Bring out the best in every learner on the team.

I loved this month especially because I really, really felt like that's what was happening. I could see them growing and flourishing and . . . I don't know. . . becoming who they will be. But me? I grow, too. I develop and change and get challenged right along with them. And so. I added an additional goal:

3.  Push myself to be in a zone of development and not a comfort zone. As a teacher, learner and caregiver.

I've talked about this before. It's easy to hang out in a comfort zone because it feels so cozy. But it's boring sometimes and doesn't push you into being something better. This is why you have to throw a wobble board into your life sometimes to shake things up. To make you think about what you're doing and go a little harder. 

At least that's what I think.

Team Ignition broke bread--or rather tortilla chips--on Wednesday. It was awesome. We talked and laughed and got to know each other more. 

I was super-psyched to meet, Frances, who is a P.A. student at Emory and also the sweet girlfriend of one of my favorite students, Jay. What a dear, dear spirit! I hearted her and decided that I wanted to put her in my pocket right along with Jay and Eric.


Shoot. I didn't get her ear in this one, but Jen had the best earring collection ever this month. I loved seeing what she'd be wearing each day!

Yes, we had a few Mexican beers but everyone is over twenty-one and no one had to go back to work. So relax, people. Ha.

I also met Curtis' amazing wife who, for some crazy reason, I don't have a clear picture of. But either way, she was gorgeous and charming and smart. I really enjoyed being in her presence, too.


So that's it. I love Justin Timberlake, BB creams, my silly kids, beaded bracelets, my tortoise shell frames, J. Lohr cabs and, of course, Team I. 

What are you lovin' these days?

Happy Friday.

Here's a clip of my baby JT on SNL last weekend -- with a little Harlem Shake at the end. YAYUUUHHHH!!!


  1. Bwahahahah @ rhythmless chick with bad bangs !! ( and not BAD like good, but just...bad.)

    I'm totally gonna try that BB cream.

    Old school playing ROCKS.
    If you like red wine, get thee some " haber " Cabernet!

    Your kids are the cah-yutest!

    EMR- time saving!

    Your glasses-fab.-also-please send that striped dress to New Jersey-thanks !!


    I used to be able to do the Harlem shake...

    When work is not " work"-nothing better. End of story.

    Happy Friday!
    Maria, fellow Meharrian

  2. Not the "Gold all in my chain" version of Veganville!!! LOL!!!

  3. I may just stop over at the Cheltenham Mall and say hi to your friend. Won't he be surprised!

  4. Right now, this very second, YOU, dear Sister Doctor, are on my Top Ten.

  5. Your glasses are fabulous and I'm amazed that you were able order them from out of town. I loooove not having to drive around to buy things, I buy pretty much everything can online, but glasses and fresh produce are two things I still feel like I have to buy in person.

    Doing homework in a mask, or in full-on costume, on any random day, is a totally acceptable course of action in our house too... hahaha... Your little Iron Man is super cute... *ahem* I mean, FIERCE!

  6. Great top ten -- your exuberance is contagious! You know, the other day I saw a car here in Los Angeles with a license plate that had your sister's sorority on it, and I though of you and I thought of Deana, and I thought how that person driving the car probably KNOWS ya'll and I thought how wonderful it is -- this blog world.

  7. From the deck of the Poop,

    I love your blogs. This one is just a testimony to how much you enjoy your job and just living. Keep that spirit and you'll stay "Forever young". PoopDeck

  8. OMG, I have a secret crush on JT as well. I have watched "Suit and Tie" from SNL at least 10 times on my DVR. He is just so dang smooth, it kills me. Love you top tens, keep them coming.

  9. I thought I was the only "old" lady who loves me some JT!! My BHE thinks I'm nuts:-) Love the top tens!


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