Friday, November 30, 2012

Your smile.

But nothing means as much
nothing seems to touch
your smile

If anything, I'd miss
How could I resist
your smile? 

~ Angela Winbush


Was thinking of you and your smile this morning. A few more sunshowers came. But that's okay. Missing you terribly right this minute but I know that won't change. So you know? I'm putting your smile in my pocket and carrying it with me all day long. Matter of fact, a piece of your smile will always be inside of mine. Maybe it always was.


That thought just comforted me. Kind of like your smile, suppose.

Your smile was a gift and this morning it's still giving. Yep. So I'm glad about that part.

Just noticed something. . . .seems like whenever your smile joins another one, it somehow gets brighter. That, too, is a gift. My bet is that somebody somewhere is looking at your smile right now and smiling -- a bigger, brighter smile. Perhaps with a fleeting sunshower, too. But that's okay.

Your smile. What a lovely calling card. Thanks for that.

Loving you today. Loving you always. More glad than sad.

And smiling.

Happy Friday. Hey! And don't forget to smile.

Now playing. Thanks for the soundtrack this morning, Ms. Winbush.


  1. And now I'm smiling.
    Thinking of you.

    1. Thanks, my friend. Thinking of you, too.


  2. Beautiful photos, beautiful smiles, beautiful song. I'll have that one in my head all day, thank you.

  3. She does indeed have a big, beautiful smile. It makes me smile inside. I'm glad her shining smile will be in your heart always.

  4. "My bet is that somebody somewhere is looking at your smile right now and smiling -- a bigger, brighter smile."

    Probably my Nicole :-)

  5. Radiance. Even through the computer. Sending love --the and smiles.

  6. That picture of Deanna & I is her Facebook profile pic. Every time I go to her page it makes me smile :-)


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