Monday, November 12, 2012

Why the mustache?


Movember is Men's Health Awareness month! Duh! Those who love the bro's are rocking their mo's all month long. Mmmm hmmm. This is to remind the dudes out there that real men get checkups. (And grow horrible mustaches if you let them.)

Yeah, so Movember is about the bro's and their health. So man up, y'all.

Just sayin'.

Yo son! What's up wit' yo' prostate and yo' blood pressure and stuff?

Happy Monday. Again. Pass this on to a bro' you know.


  1. I wish The Husband knew about this. When I tell him about things like this, he just mutters crazy talk about America and the healthcare system. He's an impossible Swiss guy -- just impossible.

  2. My husband is rocking the Movember this year.


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