Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sounds of This American Life.

Things I heard today. . . .

Birds chirping.
Isaiah whispering.
Coffee brewing.
Refrigerator door opening.
Cereal bowl filling.
Milk pouring.
Zachary's feet padding.
Lips kissing.
Kids screaming.
Mommy shushing.
Coffee sipping.
Shoe laces tightening.
Feet pounding.
Breath panting.
Neighbors waving.
Heart rate climbing.
Legs stretching.
Shower running.
Music playing.
Turkey bacon sizzling.
Eggs cracking.
Daddy teasing.
Kids screaming.
Kids pouncing.
Daddy fake-falling.
Mommy laughing.
More coffee pouring.
Adult voices talking.
Adult lips kissing.
Kid voices interrupting.
Nobody shushing.
Kids talking.
Parents listening.
Dryer buzzing.
Bag zipping.
Car starting.
Daddy count-downing.
Kids screaming.
Hands clapping.
Zachary singing.
Isaiah shushing.
Zachary singing.
Isaiah groaning.
DVD player playing.
Cartoons talking.
Kids watching.
Parents reconnecting.
GPS re-routing.
Car door opening.
Kid feet running.
Parent hands grabbing.
Mommies "hey-girl!"-ing
Daddies man-hugging.
Kids squealing.
Friends laughing.
Sunblock slathering.
Chlorinated water splashing.
Cannon ball announcing.
Brows sweating.
Barbecue crackling.
Daiquiris blending.
Teen lifeguard duty-ing.
Grown-ups too-loud talking.
"Marco!" yelling.
"Polo!" answering.
Mommies gossiping.
Daddies shit-talking.
Grandparents beaming.
Fingers snapping.
Hips shaking.
Time ticking.
Dusk falling.
Kids crying.
Families goodbye-ing.
Wheels turning.
Kids whimpering.
Mommy shushing.
Kids dozing.
Daddy driving.
Mommy dozing.
Garage door opening.
Tub filling.
Daddy military-ordering.
Kids quick-bathing.
Daddy handling.
Mommy thanking.
Zachary already snoring.
Isaiah stay-up-longer-negotiating.
Daddy shushing.
Toilet flushing.
One last kissing.
Television talking.
Daddy watching.
Daddy snoring.
Crickets symphony-ing.
Mommy yawning.
Mommy reflecting.
Mommy sighing.
And almost crying.

Because this? This was a perfect day filled with beautiful sounds in a blessed life. And I'm thankful for that.

Laptop closing. Happy Saturday.


  1. Perfection.

    Maria, fellow Meharrian

    1. It was a good day, Maria. Hope you're well today.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad your birthday was perfect. I hope you know we enjoyed your day. As you say, "More please."

  3. Fun reading!

    Thought I'd stick to the rhyme scheme ;)

    -- Tara

    1. That was truly a mental download straight from my head to the computer. Glad you enjoyed it. :) Hope you are well today!

  4. Hands clapping ~ what a delightful post!

  5. Turkey bacon? Turkey Bacon? ???


"Tell me something good. . . tell me that you like it, yeah." ~ Chaka Khan

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