Monday, November 1, 2010

Kick Buttowski.

Trick or treat for us went a little something like this:

"Trick or Treat. . . .or pay the price, suckaaaaa. . .waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. . . .bssshhhh! Bssshhhh!" (Sound effect of waaaay too violent pretending. . .)

This is what went on from house to house..

Ummm. . .did I fail to mention? One of the homes where this took place was that of the DEAN of the SCHOOL of MEDICINE. (100% truth.)

Picture it:

Ding dong!

Dean: "Well, hello there!"

My child: "Trick o' Treat! Or pay the price. . . "

Me: "Whooaaa. . .uh. . well, hello there sir. . . . .uhhhh. . ."

My child: (with round off kicks on Dean's front porch) "Waaaaaahhhh! Bshsshhhh! Bssshhhh!"

Dean: (just smiling, no words as small black child threatens safety of his family)

Dean's wife: (with expression that I can't fully put my finger on) "Ooohh, now aren't you just so energetic!"


Ummm. . . . yeah. Know anyone hiring?


Hope y'all had a fun one, too!


  1. As long as they weren't hosting a Tea Party get together at the time (and wouldn't THAT be scary!) I think you're ok.

  2. haha I'm with the above commenter. oh the joy of little boys. cute.


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