Friday, November 19, 2010

Haiku on a Friday: The Lost Ones.

You might win some, but you really lost one
You just lost one, it's so silly how come?
When it's all done, did you really gain from
what you done done? It's so silly how come?
You just lost one. . . .

from Lauryn Hill's "Lost Ones"

How many bloggers out there secretly clap when they see a new follower? (Me!) 
What about losing a follower? Raise your hand if you notice? (Me!)
I know. . .you're so not supposed to care. (Is it totally neurotic to even notice?) This is kind of like the "un-friending" thing on Facebook (which I am not on.) Should "un-friend" even be in our lexicon? Sigh. Yet another reason Facebook isn't for me. . . I'm waaaay too sensitive!

Now. . . (tapping the mike). . . .to creatively deal with my feelings of rejection, I bring you some Friday haiku. . . .ah hem. . . me me me me. . . .

Lost a follower . . . .

Sigh. Was it something I said?

I need a hug, man.

And speaking of things I miss. . . .a little more Lauryn H. for you on a Friday, too. 
(One of my internal iPod songs) Happy Weekend to those who remain!


  1. You got ME as a reader awhile back. I enjoy your writing and stories.

  2. I wish I had some wisdom to share. I figured by the time I'm in my thirties I would be immune to those sorts of feelings, but no... I'm still sensitive (incidentally, no Facebook for me either, primarily because it feels like middle school, no offense to anyone).

    It's the "pleaser" in me, something that was indelibly imprinted on me before I was old enough to understand or name it. I had to be as perfect a little girl as I could (for a variety of reasons), and displeasing anyone was a massive personal failure. The only thing I've been able to accomplish on this front over time is to shorten (considerably) the length of time I spend dwelling on such "failures".

    The upside (because I always have to look for a silver lining) - I've grown up to be a really nice person who gets along with everyone, cares and does her best to make everyone comfortable and happy. I know the same and more is true for you.

  3. Anush and Silliyak--thanks for the words of affirmation! Totally counts as a hug! :)

  4. You can always stop by MY blog and leave a comment. (kind of like the old "How come you never visit? guilt trip)

  5. Silliyak, guilt trip worked--great blog! :) Hey, my lame haiku is better than I thought--two followers today.

  6. I don't know much about blogging but have started to read yours since seeing it mentioned in Oprah magazine last month! I have truly enjoyed it and think you have a wonderful perspective and a great writing style. I'm not totally sure what a "follower" 'is but....oh, wait! I see it now in the corner of my screen. Okay - I can do that! Anyway, but I was just going to say that you've added a reader this week if that makes it any better! :)

  7. i love this song! i love the album

  8. Kris, you know when we get together it's a lovefest. Cool to take to cyberspace, too. Promise to see you soon, do you hear me? Loved your post on the index cards, by the way. So much.

    Purple, I once read that the folks who "really" read your blog aren't even "followers." Thanks for taking Oprah's word on the little blog that could. :)

  9. If it makes you feel any better, I don't follow but I have you bookmarked and I stop by here nearly every day. Read back through some of your old posts. When I get a chance to sit down some, I'm going to go through your archives. You're a good read!

    So if you're looking for encouragement, just like with your work, you touch more people than you know.

  10. Sending you a big hug. I am loving catching up on your blog. You have many gifts and I am happy that you have given us all the gift of sharing.


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