Monday, August 23, 2010

Same Reflections, Slightly Different Address:

"Reflections of a Grady Doctor" can now be reached at:

Much easier to remember, and best of all, this reduces the chances of this blog disappearing into thin cyber-air (which I am told can happen--gasp!) If you forget, don't worry--you'll still be redirected to when you use the "blogspot" address. I am told that securing a domain is a good idea as you get more readers. This could be completely false and simply a ploy to get folks to buy a ten dollar domain. Anyways, while I am no Perez Hilton, I am up from my 5 followers that I had this time last year!

Please update this in your browser. . . and really--thank you for continuing to read. . . . . .and, ahem, comment (*except for my friend/fellow Grady doctor, Lesley M. who has been given carte blanche for verbal Grady hallway comments since she is one of my very first and most loyal readers. She does faithfully provide me verbal comments, which I sho' nuff appreciate.)

But for the rest of youse, it's kind of fun to know that me (and my mom and Lesley) aren't the only ones reading . . . . . thanks for the feedback and the reactions. :)


  1. Thanks for posting and inspiring. I'll keep reading (especially when I need a good cry.) I'm a 2nd year med student at St. George's University and just wondering... does Grady accept FMGs for sub-I's? I know it is a long shot but if so I would be motivated to visit Grady in person.

  2. Spice Island, I would suggest contacting either the Emory SOM or Morehouse SOM to find out. I'm not involved in arranging rotations, but I'm sure you could get info this way. You definitely would see why I love Grady Hospital so much--it is certainly worth pursuing.

    Thank you for reading. . .and studying so hard! (I've visited your blog, too.) We need our future doctors to be ready for the front lines. :)


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