Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reflection on a Tuesday: I Heard THAT!!

Zachary concerto #1,442: Why can't we be friends?

Things I heard yesterday:

  • Isaiah trying to whistle as I got him ready for school. It sounded like someone blowing out birthday candles to a tune, but he didn't seem to mind.
  • The school bus blowing the horn for the five kids or so at the next stop after ours. None of them were out there yet.
  • Zachary talking to me in his "sleepy guy" voice. The one that includes no real words. Just strange mumbling and random singing.
  • My friend, mentor, and fellow Grady doctor, Neil W., talking about Alzheimer's Dementia on television before I went to work. Cool.
  • My mom saying, "EXCELLENT!" when I asked her how she was doing this morning during a morning-commute phone chat.
  • Two men in front of Grady laughing so hard that they looked like they would be sick.
  • A lady talking on her phone in the Grady elevator as if no one was on the elevator except her. Like not even talking in the hushed-elevator-tone where you try not to say anything until you reach your floor. "Mmmm hmmm! Yeaaaaah, girl. . .I'm still here! Girrrrrl, you lyin'!! No she di'in't!!!" Funny.
  • An environmental services worker who asked me, "You don't even look that thick in person as you do on Fox 5. See, I told somebody you was really regular-size! What you weigh? 'Bout 150?" (All while pushing an automatic floor waxing machine.) Huh?
  • A patient I saw on rounds who was gasping for air from an asthma exacerbation, but not one so severe that she couldn't ask me, "Ex-ex-ex-cuse-cuse (pant, pant, wheeze, wheeze) me-me, doc-doc. . .where-where-where (pant, pant) do you-you-you get your hair-hair d-d-done?" Huh?
  • A patient telling me that today's date is December the fifteenth, nineteen hundred and sixty eight. (But he did know that the president was 'Bama.") Huh?
  • A sleeping elder wake up during my exam of her belly to say, "God bless you, baby."
  • My cell phone playing an embarrassing ringtone on accident in the sleeping elder's room. Whoops.
  • Dr. del Rio teaching the resident conference and me wondering in my head how he fits so much in his brain.
  • A man with an oxygen tank asking somebody for a light (for his cigarette.) Huh?
  • 3 and 3/4 year old Zachary in his car seat singing a loop of the same eight bars from this old R and B song for the whole commute: "Why can't weeee be friends? Why can't weeee be friends?" Huh?
  • Isaiah crying when I wouldn't let him play "Angry Birds" on my iPad before homework.
  • Harry waking me up off of the couch to do the second half of "bath-time."
  • The kids reciting The Lord's Prayer. And, as always, Zachary starting it off with, "Our podder, art'n hebben, hoddobeedahname", and Isaiah ending it with two to three extra "ever and evers" before saying "Amen."
  • The television when the episode of "The Closer" that I'd DVR'd ended. I'd fallen asleep on the starting credits and woke up when the DVR went back to the menu channel.
  • The kids making their sleep sounds when I looked in on them: Isaiah with occasional teeth-grinding and Zachary with the weird tongue sucking/lip smacking thing.
  • Those bizarre sound effects (a bird making kung fu sounds, swearing (?), and a pig snorting and laughing at you?) on that addictive little "Angry Birds" app. Couldn't help but play it in bed before falling asleep.
  • Me and a mini-snore mid-game that woke me up--and Harry saying, "You need to go to bed."
  • Me replying, "I heard that!"
The horribly addictive "Angry Birds" application. . . . . don't even go there. . . . trust me!

(my favorite TV appearance by Grady doctor, Neil W.--
the one where he brought his baby son on the set!)


  1. Loved your take on Zachy-Poo's prayer... I had to go cold turkey on Angry Birds.. It was consuming my life.. I don't play anymore..

  2. love it
    all the snippets
    love them

  3. kris!! you figured out how to comment, chica!! yaaaay!!

    poopdeck, my friend lesley thought it was just her household with the angry birds addiction. it is truly a pandemic at this point. considering cold turkey myself, but may need to work the steps.


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