Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Verbatim at Grady: A Sweet Connection

Verbatim at Grady:

Lady walking through the Grady hallway. Catches the eye of a dude walking through the corridor, who decides try his luck.

Man: "Hey there, Miss Lady. . . how you doin'?" (definitely being fresh.)

Miss Lady: "Oh, I'm good. You?" (not minding him being fresh at all.)

Man: "I'm just chillin' going over here to see my doctors 'bout my sugars."

Miss Lady: "You got diabetes???" (Fireworks go off. Points at Man. Now pats her buxom bosom gleefully.) "Whaaaat? Oh my GOSH! I got diabetes, too!!"

Man: "You DO? That's why you seem so sweet." (Whoops, threw up in my mouth a little bit.) "You go to Diabetes Clinic or regular clinic?" (This is truly their "moment." Like, a "OMG, you went to Morningside High? Me, too!" moment. Fraught with peril, I say. . .)

Miss Lady: "I go to both. Diabetes Clinic be giving you free stuff. They don't give you nothin' free up in regular clinic." (I work in "regular clinic" so I take offense to that.)

Man: "Alright then. . .I'mma remember that. . . . I know they gon' flip out when they see my sugar today 'cause it was higher than 400."

Miss Lady: "400! Damn! What you ate this morning?"

Man: "A sausage biscuit from McDonalds." (Starts laughing hard) "But shooot, I be hongry when I'm waiting." (Laughs some more. The connection gets even tighter.)

Miss Lady: "I hear you." (A little bit flirtatious.)

Man: "I hope they don't try to make me go to emergency 'cause my sugar so high."

Miss Lady: "Naww, chile please. They gon' make you drank a big ol' pitcher of water and then they gon' let you go long as your sugar come down good. Trust me."

Man: "Good." (Flashes her his big ol' smile with missing canine on right.)

Miss Lady: (She obviously liked his smile, missing canine and all.) "You know you wasn't 'posed to be eatin' no sausage biscuit for you came up here!" (laughing, even more flirty, batting what appears to be glue on lashes. Eeeww.)

Man: "Shiiiit, you know I'm gon' tell 'em I'm fasting." (Now they both laugh. My mouth falls wide open.)

They look at me and catch me eavesdropping and then both laugh some more. Not sure it they were laughing at me for believing that people are actually fasting when they say they are (cause I generally do believe them) or just laughing 'cause I overheard them. I think it was the former and not the latter.

Man: "Alright then Miss Lady. I hope to see you around." (Is he gonna ask for the number? Hmmm. . .)

Miss Lady: "Maybe we'll see each other in the Diabetes Clinic." (Bats scary lashes again. . .so wants to give him her number.)

Man: "That's what's up." (Winks at her and gives her one more once over before walking into "regular clinic." Eeeww. Oh, but left her hanging on asking for the digits. She almost wistfully watches him disappear through the door. And somehow I detect a wee bit of disappointment from her. . . .disappointment about missing out on a diabetic mack daddy with a missing canine, a receding hairline, and a blood sugar of 400. :::w-ow:::)

***Love, love, love this job.***



  1. I love working with my Peeps...can't imagine workn anywhere else... :-)

  2. hahahaha awesome. What a treat to over hear that conversation!

  3. amazing post. totally loved it....its soo real and funny


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