Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rhyming Rant!

I wrote a blog post just for you
and hoped it'd make you say "woo hoo!
another post for me to read
and fill my pseudo-bookworm need."

I thought it out and typed it straight
and since you're worth it, stayed up late
I thought of you and said, "oh boy!
i'm sure that this one you'll enjoy."

And if you did, I shall not know
for under "comments" was ze-ro.
though I liked your email, loved your text
i'm not ashamed to say this next
it may be silly and quite lame
but leaving those are not the same
as logging on to the surprise
of brand new comments for my eyes

your ha ha texts
or email notes
or cell phone calls
don't float my boat
like real true comments if you dare
instead of mr. zero there

to those who comment
and who read
I thank you three, I do indeed
and if you never comment never
i'll pretend you did and called me "clever"

sorry I am out of rhymes
and if you don't comment. . .fine, fine, FINE!

Thank ya. . .thank ya very maaaach. . . . . .


  1. a one-two, a one-two....we got KD (I mean Mizzle) in da house..pump ya hands up!!

  2. Kay, you are one of the three commenters, man! You never let me down--man,I don't care what they say about y'all Emergency Docs, you alright with me!:)

    Thank ya. . .thank ya very maaaaaacchhh! 'preciate ya!

  3. This is Pop Dukes AKA Poop Deck and ya know I 'preciate all of your writings, even the poetry LOL.
    I do understand the need for feedback even if I don't necessarily like it... so I am going to do better...

    Love your writing..

  4. MC Crackle... like the Calvin pic. Hope this comment puts you over your average...

  5. My plan is to read your blog more often, ya know.
    And then Imma post comments each time, fa sho!

    See, I got rhymes too...LOL!

  6. Dr. Manning - I love your blog. "You can't have it all" was the most insightful thing I've read in a while! And I love your commentary on our patients at Grady, especially the "no salt" diet (I think I had a smiliar conversation last week). Thanks for putting things in perspective :)

  7. you are melting my shyness about commenting three years late!


"Tell me something good. . . tell me that you like it, yeah." ~ Chaka Khan

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