Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life in Pictures: Ongoings.

Life is full and good. Here are a few photos of this American life. 

I look at this husband of mine and still pinch myself. He is kind and thoughtful and grows more and more into an amazing man each day. Watching him with the boys as they grow older feels like an out-of-body experience sometimes. It's like some instinct has just kicked in and shown him what to do at each stage. It's remarkable.

This photo is so Isaiah. He's silly and full of pranks. I believe there was another soda pop hidden behind his back. His Auntie Von wasn't buying his shenanigans. This was during our recent to Cleveland which was, by the way, amazing and family-filled. Lots of old school fun and laughter. It was good.

Kickball in Cleveland until the street lights came on.

The BHE and the youngest. This was on one of the very rare days that Zachary was wearing matching socks.

Our outgoing chief residents at Grady were amazing. Jen and Lucas left me forever changed with their innovative teaching, great ideas, and intelligence. This was on their last day. Of course, I cried like a baby.

When I see photos like these of my children, I feel like I'm getting something right.  This is Isaiah enjoying summertime in Atlanta.

Now that I have my minivan, I can acquire as many kids as I wish. I usually start with my two and end with two extras whenever I show up somewhere. It's the main reason I wanted that car. Moments like this one let me know that it was the right call.

Good, clean fun with no screens. Just big laughs and a barking pup. Or two.

And, of course, a swing tied to high bough.

Headed back to my alma mater to see our newest Delta Sigma Theta initiates being presented to the students on campus. All of it was beautiful, wonderful and reminiscent of my days at Tuskegee. I love that school and love any chance I get to return.

When my student advisees ask to meet with me, I make every effort to fit them into whatever I'm doing. On this day, I was running on an off day. Coffee with Wen happened after.

My students are some of the best human beings I know. The relationship is symbiotic--I feed off of them, too.

As you guys know, I spent five years in Cleveland, Ohio for residency and then married a man from Cleveland. Suffice it to say, we were "all in" for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals and are big fans of LeBron James.

One of my student advisees was rooting for his home team, the Golden State Warriors. We enjoyed a lot of subtle trash talking in our small group. On this day, I sent a little subliminal message via the back of my laptop.

Ryan's Run for the Central Night Shelter for men was so amazing this year. The cause was meaningful, too. It was started by my dear friend Katie Bashor (aka Coach B.) who departed this life unexpectedly in April. She wanted to start this race to bring awareness to mental illness; her son lost his life to suicide the very year before. She was brave and driven. It was heartbreaking to run it this year without her but powerful to hold on to that legacy.

My sweet boy Zachary ran three full miles in under 26 minutes. There were no kids with him, either. Just him and his own determination. I was beyond proud of him. It was amazing.

Here I am with my friend, Jennifer M. She's my sorority sister and also one of my favorite running partners. We ran Ryan's Run together last year with Katie. This year was bittersweet but I'm glad we were both there to hug and remember.

More jumps in the air? Why not?

I think developing relationships away from work and home are so important. I spend a lot of time working and serving in my local chapter of Jack and Jill of America, a mothers' organization dedicated to developing children into leaders. On this day, our group shared a fun evening of fellowship and fun. Work always feels like play when you get to know people better.

At least, that's what I think.

Look how big our puppy is getting! Willow the Wuppa, aka "Wubs" has added a lot of energy to our home. Certainly, having a puppy isn't for the faint at heart. But. . . we love him. It's been a fun ride together so far.

Figured I'd stick with the collage theme and show you this one. Zachary decided to choose Muhammad Ali as his "American Hero" for his project last May. He was really thankful for these photos upon his passing but also especially glad to know so much about his legacy.

Ali was a bold man and few have stood on their convictions at such a young age more than he did. Once you got past the bravado, you could see how brave of a man he was.

Wubs was stinky this day. Bleccch.

I love this photo of my line sister Ebony and me. She's one of my soul sisters. We get one another and always have. On this evening we were celebrating her new job. I'm so proud of her.

Last week on a rainy day with one of my favorite interns. Seeing her bright face makes my day. She's strong, smart and kind. I'm really proud to be connected to Dawn and am excited to see what her future holds.

Isaiah got his first job! Yup. He's back at his pre-school serving as a teacher's assistant. These snaps were taken on his very first pay day. He was over the moon.

And this was when he was telling the kids good bye for the weekend. It was so precious.

Life is full and good. I hope all is well with you.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. beautiful family. beautiful life. your boys are growing so handsome and still so full of light.

  2. Wonderful pics! Your boys are getting so big. I always hope that I'll run into them somewhere in Los Angeles with their grandfather in the summer. I'll have my eyes peeled!

  3. I was good (with holding back tears) until I saw that last picture. So very sweet! :)

  4. Looks like you've been busy livin'. Great update!

  5. Such a beautiful family and beautiful life!


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