Sunday, January 24, 2016

Image of the Day, January 24: The Bail.

This photo was taken just moments after my running partners and I decided to bail on the 15K that we were scheduled to run this morning.  The forecast was schedule to be below freezing with a windchill that would make it feel like it was 15 degrees.


With this first text exchange, you could tell that I was still ready to do it for the story. Bailing hadn't occurred to me yet. But Jen's notion of us doing these races for fun was a good point. Having my fingers turn purple from my Raynaud's and wanting to cry for 9 miles wasn't exactly my idea of a fun morning. 

But, again. I ain't no punk so was willing. 

Then I went outside to walk the dog and thought I was going to die. I came in and that's when I received this text from Frieda, my other running mate. 

The part where we decided to bail got cut off.  I think my "never o'clock" got her thinking.


Just know that the red wine I could then enjoy while staying up late watching the first three episodes of Downton Abbey back to back to back was delicious. But not more delicious than the sleep I got in my warm cozy bed this morning.

I thought I'd look on social media later and feel super guilty. . . . .


Happy Sunday. #neveroclock #nonethirty #halfpastnaaaaw


  1. The words "sense and sensibility" come to mind.
    You made a good decision.

  2. If that was Saturday, it was still snowing. At least it was in Woodstock. Good decision.

  3. Totally off topic but have you seen the American College of Physicians Story Slam? Alan Haber from my hospital was the winner. I think you'd like it. He has written some great pieces much like the one you wrote about your sister.


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