Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"You can't be what you can't see."

I had an awesome afternoon at the Atlanta Youth Academy today. One of the kids asked me, "Who told you that you couldn't do it? That you wouldn't be able to become a doctor?"

My answer:  "No one. No one ever said I couldn't. Or treated me like I wouldn't."

It wasn't until I pulled away and drove down the street that it hit me what that meant.


Happy Tuesday.


  1. It is wonderful that no one told you you couldn't or wouldn't. It's interesting the way the child phrased his/her question. Kind of sad really. I hope you inspired that child and they saw what could be.

    1. Actually to put that question in fair context, I'd just told them the story of my dad wanting to go to med school and being told he couldn't. He majored in Engineering instead for that reason. I'm so grateful that no one ever discouraged me like that. It's a huge blessing to have zero naysayers around you.

  2. But you can pray for God to show you the way!! I absolutely loved the inspirational quote and wanted to add to it.

  3. This made my heart stop. That child. I hope is someone is telling him or her that its not possible, they know not to listen.

  4. This post really resonated with me. I always tell people that if I had attended an HBCU for undergrad, I would have become a Physician a LONG time ago. But it's likely that alone probably wouldn't have completely ameliorated the effect of having a parent (mother) that didn't also believe in my dream. All that said, I had to "birth" my main support for this dream (my freshman Engineering daughter, my other support my father is long deceased) and now that I've finally learned to tune out ALL my naysayers, I'm ready to apply to medical school this year, next year at the latest. Better late, than never!! :)


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