Thursday, February 5, 2015

For Linda.

Let our hearts align in joy and pain
Let our eyes find fleeting solace when we pass in the hallways
Let our minds be willing to remember more than what they must
Or even believe that they must remember one another

Let our hands clap loudly for each triumph
Let our voices rise to the heavens for more than just our own sake
Let us all be aware, no matter how much it hurts . . . .

Since you are here and I am here, too
let us shoulder the sweet burden of love and life together

~ K.M. 

She said good bye to her sweet boy 25 years ago today. A truck struck his bicycle. And just like that, her only child was gone. He was only 13 years old. 

He loved to write and laugh and hug. He loved his mother and his life, too. His name was Damien. And her name is Linda. And she is his mother. 


I work with Linda. Not directly. But I pass her cubicle every single day in our faculty building on the way to my office and always say something like,"Good morning! How are you?" And usually she says, "Wonderful!" or "Great!" But today she didn't say that. Instead she told me that she wasn't good. Her eyes looked sad and they were glistening with tears. And then she explained why. 


I hugged her tight and cried with her right then and there. I told her how sorry I was and how badly I wish that she didn't have to live through this. And I meant that, too. 

Then I asked her to tell me some things about him. About Damien. And to show me his photo. Which is exactly what she did. That made us both smile.

When my life aligns with that of another person, I find myself wondering why. There are people we see each day who are going through all sorts of things. And no, we don't get every detail nor should we. But sometimes. . .I don't know. I'm realizing that I can open myself up to receive something as important as what Linda shared today.


 I'm asking you to keep Linda in your thoughts today. And if you are a pray-er, pray for her, too, okay? Thanks, y'all.

Happy Thursday.


  1. My one fear in life is losing one of my babies. I will keep Linda in my prayers and thoughts as she deals with this loss for the rest of her life. I can't imagine...


  2. Everyone has a story. Each as big as the world.

  3. Please give Linda a big hug from a mother who knows her pain firsthand.

  4. So much pain in the world -- and suffering. There is nothing to do but love, be about love and live love. I'm sending it to you and to Linda.


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