Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Air Apparent.

And I think to myself, "What a wonderful world."

I've had some great runs over the last year and a half--complete with some epic jump photos to remember them by. I'm so glad that my friends are such great sports and willing to participate in my post-run shenanigans . . . . even after running 13.1 miles. What can I say? It just never gets old for me. 

LIke ever.

This crazy running adventure started as a way for me to rage against heart disease after my big sister passed away. Since heart disease is so ruthless, every step and every medal feels like a chance to answer back. Each finish line is me saying, "In yo face!" or "Take that, heart disease!" And sure. I know I don't really have full control over it but I like feeling that way for those few moments. It makes me feel like there is something I can do, you know? Writing has felt that way, too. I know it's probably silly sounding. But loss can leave you feeling so helpless, so . . .so. . . .  silenced you know? 


Here's what I'm thinking about right now: I love having legs that can run, a heart that is pumping, a mind that is aware and that remembers, and eyes that can look ahead to my goals. . . .and then using them all in concert to put big accomplishments behind me. That's something to jump about, don't you think? I sure do.

So much is going on in this world. So much. Sometimes catching a little air under my feet makes all the heavy things feel lighter. If even by a little smidgen and only for a tiny moment. But mostly it reminds me that I'm alive, man. And that I'm still here.


Happy Hump-Day. I'm here!

Now playing on my mental iPod. . . . as sung by the incomparable Eva Cassidy.

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  1. I love Eva Cassidy -- her voice can break your heart. I especially love her rendition of "Imagine."


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