Friday, November 28, 2014

Life in pictures: The days on and around Thanksgiving.

Yummy peppermint soy latte on Thanksgiving eve.

Red glitter is sentimental to me. This red glitter manicure makes me happy when I look at it for that reason.

Spending time reflecting on the lives of those who are no longer with us. Because remembering people has to be intentional. We had fun talking about C.J. and his life.

And of course, we talked about Auntie Deanna. We also reminisced on this:

"Super Turkey" -- the red glittered masterpiece that Deanna created with Zachary on the last night we all spent together. That red-glitered wattle led to a whoooole lot of red-glittered everything else.


Again. For memories of special people to stay on the front burner, we have to remain intentional. This always feels good when we do it.

I look at these guys and feel like my heart just might explode sometimes.

Small Group Delta is officially done with their preclinical work. Next stop, the hospital wards. Wow, how the time flies!

These images make me so happy and remind me of why I'm so fortunate to be a small group advisor. I'm super, duper thankful for them.

Nothing like waking up and running strong for 13.1 miles on a Thanksgiving morning. Especially when two years ago, you could barely run more than 2 or 3 miles.


I love that this is my second Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon. It is a reminder of how blessed I am to have two legs that work, a heart that pumps and a soul that feels the magnitude of that.

Doing it with some of your best girlfriends? Bonus.

I felt strong when I smiled for this photo. Like I could do anything I put my mind, heart and soul into doing. Do you ever feel that way?

People kept running by me saying, "Way to go, Strong Mom!" I loved it because that's how I felt.

It is never official until the "Oh what a feeling" Toyota jump pic at the end. I'm now laughing because that reference shows my age.

This race yielded two medals. One for the half marathon and the other if you completed the "Triple Peach." Peachtree Road Race, Atlanta Ten Miler, and Atlanta Thanksgiving Half.

Run. Run. Run. And done. Cool right?

Another of my fit, fab friends getting her jump on. Loved this photo of Tamika W. and especially that she asked a stranger to take it. Ha. It made me so happy when I saw it.

My partner in running crime, Frieda AKA FreeFree.  We call ourselves "the beastie girls." Ha.

That name is quite fitting, actually.

Hair salon selfie. For no reason at all. Wait. There is a reason. I love my hair stylist and wanted to snap a picture of a happy time we were sharing that afternoon in her chair. I'm so thankful for Sakinah, her scissors and her beautiful spirit and smile.

Basketball practice with Zachary earlier this week. Basics first. I enjoy watching his determination with sports.

My brother was having fun with a new app he got on his phone on Thanksgiving. This creepy hybrid picture of my nephew and me was a result of those shenanigans.

I know what I'd look like as a guy now. Thanks, Will.

 Playdate nirvana: When the moms get along just as well as the kids. And look forward to hanging out with each other just as much. Wonderful time with my sisterfriend Nicole L. today.

Capri Suns for them. We opted for slightly different refreshments.

Beautiful inside and out. Love it when the heart makes room for new friends. Met Nicole a few years back while we sat around waiting for our boys to finish their golf lessons each Saturday. Not only did the boys hit golf balls, my Isaiah and her Alex really hit it off.

Lucky for me, Nicole and I did, too. I'm thankful for her.

Zachary insisted on giving me a massage after the half marathon. I let him.

With my mommy on Thanksgiving day. She wanted to put on lipstick but I told her she was beautiful as is. True statement, right?

And lastly this: The medal my sweet boy Isaiah added to my rack of race medals. "Hey mom," he said, "I like your new medal." It was before the Thanksgiving half marathon, so I wasn't sure what he meant.

So he told me to come and see for myself. And so I did.


This. This, this, this.

I have so much to be thankful for. The little-little things and the big things, too. All of it wonderful and all of it worth savoring. As my dear writer-friend Angella says so succinctly and beautifully:

"Love is the what."


Happy Thanksgiving-time.

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  1. Awesome pics! Looks like you had a wonderful time with family!


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