Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Selfie of the Week: I hope you dance?

Lady in store:  "Did you used to dance for Alvin Ailey?"

Me:  "Beg pardon?"

Lady in store: "Oh. Noticed your sweatshirt is all."

Me:  "Oh, no. But my niece danced with them in New York." 

Would have really been cool if she'd said, "Noticed your AWESOME BOH-DAAAY and wondered if you were, like, an ALVIN AILEY DANCER is all."

Uhhhh, yeah.

Have had this sweatshirt forever. But ever since my niece Gabrielle danced with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre last summer, I think I have a different swagger when I put it on. Did I mention that my brother Will's eleven year-old daughter was in NYC for the whole summer getting her dance on with THE Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater? If I didn't, I should have. Very cool, right?

Happy Belated Saturday. And yes, I retro-scheduled this Saturday even though I posted it Sunday. Because maybe I sort of forgot that I was going to start this as a series until just now.

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