Friday, March 28, 2014

But if you close your eyes.

"But if you close your eyes does it almost feel like nothing's changed at all?"

~ Bastille's "Pompeii"

I captured this photograph of Isaiah the other day at the end of our commute from school. He asked to stay in the car for a bit because he was listening to his favorite song (which was playing on the radio at the time.) He said he was also "just daydreaming." What I would give to be inside of that mind of his some days. Man.

I fell in love with him one hundred times over all over again in that instant.

Keep your eyes open so that you don't miss these little moments. Fleeting bits of wonder nestled into ordinary things like carpool lanes and carrying in groceries. They're everywhere. But if you close your eyes, you might miss them.

Happy Friday.

Isaiah's favorite song, now playing on my mental iPod. . . .


  1. It is these moments, strung together, which make up the glorious jewels of our life.
    And you have to pay attention because they do not announce themselves with marching bands and neon lights.

  2. In this photo, I don't see your son, I see YOU! Beautiful!


"Tell me something good. . . tell me that you like it, yeah." ~ Chaka Khan

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