Friday, October 18, 2013

Exponential awesomeness.

Yes. That's Zachary running it in for that long touchdown. And no, that's actually the other coach holding up the goalposts not the BHE. And, of course, I totally agree with you that it would have made this already awesome photo exponentially more awesome if that was Harry calling that TD like that.

But still. It was a touchdown. A long one, too! The Tigers won. They sure did. And one Tiger mama who shall remain nameless may or may not have run full speed for all sixty yards along the side line during the touchdown captured above.

I said may or may not have. Ah hem.

And there were witnesses. V.I.P. witnesses, y'all!

And before you even ask--YES. This day filled with all of the men and manchildren that I love the most? YES--it was as awesome a day as it looks.

Wait, I take that back. No it wasn't. It was even more exponentially awesome than it looks.

Life is good, man.

Happy Friday.


  1. I don't even have words for how sublime this is. This is what it's about. I love that your boys have such incredible examples of men all around them.

  2. From the Deck of the Poop,
    Just a great day and a great photo. I had a ball



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