Sunday, October 14, 2012

Player of the game.

 I told a medical student one Saturday morning on rounds: "Efficient and focused rounding is something that you should consider a teachable moment." She furrowed her brow a bit and nodded. "I mean that," I added.

"Because of duty hours, right? You have to get us out of the hospital." This was her response. And she meant that because she was one of the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed ones that would have been happy to stay and stay as long as anyone wanted.

"Yes and no. You have to work hard and efficiently while you're here so you can get out and have a life. When you have a life, you're able to come back and give more of your self when you're here."

"Makes sense."

"So today, we'll get ourselves organized, lay out a plan, and take good care of our patients. But we'll do it efficiently. That's the teachable moment. You got that?"

"Yes, ma'am."

And we did.

Outside of the hospital, a world of experiences and loved ones awaits us. Very important events and irreplaceable moments that must be aimed for and planned for to witness. Sure. Sometimes those plans can get derailed by unforeseen circumstances. But a lot of times, they won't.

In other words, how you play the game is important. Especially when you're a Grady doctor. Or a business owner like the BHE. Or any person with any job that requires so much of you and your time.

Yes. Life goes on outside of work. And if you don't pay attention and don't make a clear decision to try your best to be present, you can miss a lot.

A whole lot.

Like pee-wee football games on sparkling fall weekend afternoons. And then seeing your baby boy get awarded the "player of the game" medal.

Or catching a glimpse of the proud look on his face as the coach spoke of him.

Then noting him scanning the crowd to see where you are and if you heard it, too.

Only to feel like your heart will explode into a thousand pieces when he finally finds your face exactly where it was supposed to be . . . . and then looks at you like this.

Sure. Maybe trying to balance your personal life with work life will make it take you a little longer to conquer your professional world. And perhaps you'll even be forced to redefine what "conquering your professional world" even means to you.

But moments like these? Man. They make all of that absolutely worth it.


Happy Sunday.


  1. I really admire the way that you keep everything in perspective. Your family is really lucky to have someone who is able to realize the importance of that balance. I think it is so easy to sight of those moments, only to realize later how important they were.

    PS: I just love your shirt. Proud mama:)

  2. Love love LOVE THIS POST! Especially Harry in his tall socks! LOL! Go Zachy!!!

    A proud Auntie!

  3. Congrats to precious Zachary! Love this post- couldn't agree more.
    And please tell David that Grady won't be the same without him. He was one of my attendings when I was on the wards and I loved him- a great teacher and wonderful person.

  4. Congrats to Zachary and his beautiful parents. Just had to let you know that if my kids catch me looking at your blog, they make me go to the pictures of your kids! They know what's important!!

  5. This is awesome!!! Please let us know when there's another game. The Rasberrys would love to come cheer on Zachy! So proud of him!

  6. Ohhhh, i love this post. And the photos. And I promise you, your boys will always want to share their medals with you first, they will always look to find you in the crowd, you and their dad, because they know, they KNOW, how it makes your heart swell and they'll try to make you proud always. Because, first off, you're always there in the crowd for them. They are never alone on that field. And they know it. And they will always be grateful that it is so.


  7. oh my lord that look he has with his daddy is precious! I agree, I am finding it hard to have a life outside of the ICU being a night shifter and with full time school. I don't how people work full time in the hospital and have kids and have a life. Boggles my mind. Also I LOVE your shirt haha totally gonna steal that idea when I have kids.


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