Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Manning Boys' Playroom Door, January 2012
In response to the "No boys and no toys" house rule about stove proximity:

Me:  "What's this 'No moms allowed!?' What's up with that?!"

Isaiah:  "Actually, it says, 'No MOM allowed.'"

Zachary: "Mom. Not Moms."

Isaiah: "Like you, Mom. Not all moms. Like without the 's' just--"

Me: "Um yeah, I think I got it the first time."

 Happy Tuesday night.


  1. Love the sign. Your boys are wonderful. You will enjoy them even more as they grow. As much as people complain about teenage boys, I loved them. You will laugh your head off...

  2. Awww. Damn. What did you do to get kicked out of the "boys club?" you're like the coolest mom ever!!!

  3. Stand outside of the door with that Mac-Daddy Mac-n-Cheese of yours. And a sign saying No Mom, No Mac. That'll learn 'em. ;)

  4. Ha ha ha! They let me into their playroom. Auntie IS allowed! :)


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