Sunday, November 20, 2011

MacBook NO!

The unthinkable has happened. My almost six year-old MacBook Pro has died. Okay, maybe not died yet, but it appears to be in some kind of coma that isn't easily reversible.


Now, some of you who must write to stay alive (like me) are having a panic attack on my behalf. And to that I say thank you for your empathy.

When, you ask? It was yesterday. Unexpectedly, too. Like some cruel lover who seems fine one day but wakes up the next and says, "It's, like, over." To which you say, "Excuse me? Did I hear you wrong?" (Which, in this instance, was several attempts to force a restart only to be teased with an apple and a swirling spinner then have my hopes dashed by a blink and then the scary gray nothingness you see above.)

So I well up with tears and plead with my lover-slash-MacBook Pro, "After all we've been through? I mean, didn't I, like, refurbish you after that red wine incident? I mean, it's not like that was even my fault, either!"

And the MacDaddy just stares back at me with a gray blank indifference that boils my blood. So then I lose my cool.

"You should have told me you would do this last summer when I was replacing your hard drive, you a--hole!"

Again, nothing.

So yes. My MacBook Pro has done what I thought was only relegated to crappy Dells. It did what would surely make Steve Jobs himself turn over in his grave. It. . . it. . . stopped working. Or at least it faded to black.. . .I mean gray.

Deep breath.

What does this mean to me as a blogger? It means I have spent the last 24 hours trembling in a corner rocking back and forth, that's what it means. It means that I have just tortured myself by blogging on a tablet touch keyboard because that fix. . . oh man. . . I had to have it. Man. It also means that unless I come up with a plan B, I will either be iPhone and iPadding it or not posting much.

Oh, what's that you said? Why not just go buy a new one? Uuuuhhh, because first of all, I am a mother of two small kids and it's almost Christmas and also Mac Books cannot be found in the Target dollar bin. AND. Clearly, (since obviously I can be a little. . . errr. . . thrifty) I fully intend to see if my almost six year-old MacDaddy can be resuscitated before I do anything drastic. Like get another one. Duh! (Unless, of course, my dad gets a new MacBook and let's me get his old one. . . .hint hint.)

Woe is me.

Hey. That reminds me. Are any of y'all old enough to remember when the early generation Mac notebooks would give you the "Sad Mac" face when it had bugs? That's when you knew it was a wrap for sure! At least I didn't get that. (I tried to put a picture of one in this post but couldn't figure out how to do it from this ultra-craptacular iPad Blogger app.)

Woe is me, again.

Okay. So here is the point where you shower me with all sorts of sympathetic commentary. That or a coupon for a new MacBook Pro. (Um, yeah. I'm thinking the comments will cost you less.)

The "Sad Mac" used to literally appear on your screen!

Oh. Guess I did figure the "Sad Mac" picture out on the BlogPress app after all. (I'm still sad, though.)


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  1. *Feels your pain so much*

  2. Oh girl. I feel your pain like nobody's business. My MacBook is my lover, my muse, my best friend, my Magic Box, my joy, my crack pipe, my...
    Okay. You get the picture.
    Hell, yes, I remember the sad Mac. I remember the DogCow! Gawd, I am old.
    Here's the deal- if you'd had a Dell, that death would happened four years ago.
    Also- do you use the Mac for any work-related activities? Tax write off!
    Don't quote me on that.
    I would go light a candle for your MacBook if I had one to light. THAT is how much I know what you're talking about. That is how much I mourn for your loss.

  3. I had that happen about a year ago and it turned out it was a known issue and they fixed it for FREE. You might be past the time though. Check with the mac store.

  4. Same here, my hp died on Weds and I cannot meet my work deadlines (cue ill-affordable loss of xxxx Swiss Francs). I so sympathise!
    oh, well ...
    (anonymous only because I can't figure out commenting correctly)

  5. Get thee to the Apple store. Seriously. You might be there for two hours (which I know will be a nightmare for your scheduled) but if it can be fixed, they will fix it. And if it cannot be fixed, they will tell you this, and will tell you what the chances are of getting the data off of it and onto a new Mac. Which shouldn't be a huge deal because you have good backups, right?


    Anyway, make a genius bar appointment forthwith.

  6. If it's really (sob!!) dead, check out CraigsList for a cheaper replacement. I know, there are tons of warnings with CL, but shop carefully, and you can land a deal. Well, they're still $$$, but at least only 3 $$$, not 4! ;) Good luck -- and here's hoping you manage to revive your old one! :)

  7. I'm a fuddy-duddy PC user, still, so while I sympathize it's hard to empathize. I sure do hope you can keep blogging though -- and over the summer vacay I had to do the iPad blogging thing, and it was hell. I landed up posting one meaningful photo a day with no real commentary. Maybe you can turn this waiting period into something different like that.

  8. oh hon! horrors! but xmas is coming...

    did you have everything backed up from you macbook? (she asks, typing on her macbook pro).

    this is the second warning this week to back up my stuff. i better get to it!

    i hope your pretty light box comes back to you soon. sorry elizabeth, but these macs are seductive!

  9. ***shedding tears and doing a slow wall slide*** Not the MacBook!!!! You poor, poor woman. I totally feel your pain. I hope that the oh so brilliant geek and geekettes at your local Apple store can fix you on the cheap. **fingers crossed**

  10. I also need you to get a Time Capsule router so you can back up your Mac automatically in the future. You may be able to get your data by getting another Mac and a Firewire cable. You can start your laptop pressing the T key, then start the other Mac. You may be able to recover the data unless the HD is really fried. It may be time for a new Macbook Air 13" or a Macbook Pro 15". . . .

  11. From the Deck of the Poop,

    The Apple Geek is waiting. When it lands in LA, we will fix it if it's fixable. We will also set you up the a time machine that backs up you data automatically... we are waiting,



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