Friday, May 7, 2010

Reflections from a (wait, am I a) Real Blogger at Grady: Greatest Hits?

Someone asked me the other day which was my favorite post on the blog to date. Hmmm, good question, I thought. I tried to narrow it down to one, but then realized that I couldn't. At first I was going to put my top three, but then admitted to myself that I couldn't do that either. Finally, I decided to include links to ten of the ones I most enjoyed writing and then re-reading myself.

I think what's hardest about picking a few is that each post represents how I was feeling at the time. . . .sometimes I'm feeling like laughing out loud and other times it's the complete opposite. The beauty in this exercise is that it has allowed me to create what feels like a set of love letters. . . . to. . . . well, my patients. . .and to my current life as a Grady doctor slash clinician educator slash wife slash mom. Writing about these stories lets me archive the details that I might have otherwise forgotten. . .especially the emotions. I like to think of it as free therapy, and a way to share the "burden" of hearing about all my Gradyisms and life-isms (good, bad, or indifferent) to more than just Harry! (Trust me. . .he thanks you.)

I'd love to hear about which have been most memorable for you! Thank you so much for reading and joining in this working mommy's journey through life at Grady and beyond. . . . .

Ten (of my personal faves) from the archives:











Shoot! Now I'm thinking of a whole set of ten others! (Like the one about CJ, oh, and the one about being called "Miss Manning", and the one about respecting thy Grady elders, and the one after the Haitian earthquake. . .) See? I love all of these stories. . . .

Would love your feedback on any posts you
particularly enjoyed. . . .I was thinking of putting a list of "greatest hits" on the home page--and thought it would have far more street credibility coming from y'all!

(Oh yeah, my favorite comment of all time was when Neil W. commented on the one where the patient asked me if I could beatbox--second place, Tony C-Q's comment on the one when I visited New York City. . . . hee-larious!)

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  1. It's hard to pick a favorite. I love reading your blog because the read as if you are talking to ME. Your voice comes through. Now, on to my favorites:
    One of them has to be how you and Harry met -- an absolutely magical, fairytale like story, all it needed was a glass slipper and "they lived happily every after" for an ending.
    Another one was where you gave the feedback to your student that wasn't doing well. I know in my work, and I think in any work, the easy feedback is fun to hear and good to know what people think you're doing right and feels good, but the tough stuff is where there is really a chance to grow and figuring out how to deliver that in a way then encourages growth rather than stunting growth is admirable.
    The Haiti one as an example of taking the "real" and under using it to gain empathy for others and their situation. And for the heart-wrenching terror of your little one and the heart-healing way you responded and comforted him.
    CJ - so tragic and your telling so moving.
    Flowers on the windowsill - the mother and her daughter. Very beautiful, very touching and made me think about the opportunity I had to spend the last 3 months of my mother's life with her. Very thought provoking for me personally.

    You are an amazing story teller. Thank you for sharing your stories.


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