Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reflections from a Saturday: I see you (but not with the hairy eyeball)

What's better than this?

Ran across this gnarly picture of Gary Coleman aka "Arnold" giving an outstanding demonstration of the "hairy eyeball." This image made me laugh out loud today. It took me straight back to elementary school, and really made me want to find a pair of those sneaker rollerskates with the big stopper in front like "Tootie" had on Facts o' Life. At first glance I thought, Aaaaahhh! Now THAT'S a hairy eyeball! Now. . . speaking of the hairy eyeball:

I'm just sayin'. . . can a sista get even one comment on a post in 2010? Hello? (tap, tap, tap) Is this thing on?

Last three posts-- I scroll down, and. . . . crickets. I do appreciate that y'all are reading (because you are so nice to tell me that you do in person), but wish I could say I didn't always do a little "happy clap" inside when I see a lonely comment under a post (even if it's sure to be from my parents or little sister.) I'm learning that every respectable blogger generates a comment or two for their entries--but truth be told, I am not sure if I have achieved respectable blogger status just yet. I almost entered my own comments once just so I wouldn't have goose eggs under my posts, but decided that was pretty lame.

Anywho. . . . .enough of all that!

"I see you."

Harry and I saw "Avatar" last night. Gasp! Such a gorgeous movie. . . and yes, I meant to say "gorgeous." It was really like a party for your eyes, especially if you see it in 3D like we did. We didn't get to see it at an IMAX theatre, but I am feeling like that needs to get put on my "bucket list" for sure.

My favorite part of the movie? This one line, that recurs throughout the film: "I see you." The natives of the film's fictitious planet "Pandora" greet one other by saying these three words. I see you. The meaning is all encompassing. . . . .like I see you--literally, but even more, I see you. That was my favorite thing in this whole gorgeous movie, which surely I will see again (that is, if I can get a sitter before it leaves the theaters.)

I see you. At the end of the day, I think that's what I try to achieve with my patients, my colleagues, my residents and my students at Grady. I just really hope my actions say, "I see you." Literally and beyond.

I hope when you read this blog you see me--and Grady, too. And every blue (no pun intended) moon, I hope you'll take a moment to tell me so in the form of a comment.

I see you,

gradydoctor :)


  1. I see you gradydoctor! I'm one of the first year med students at Emory. A friend in the class introduced me to your blog and it was just what I needed. Stuck in the classroom most of the time, we start to lose sight of the reason for all of the studying, why we signed up for this torture, how to see a whole patient and not a picture of a disease or cancer or wound. I too loved that pandoran practice of such a sincere greeting. I would adopt it in day to day life if it weren't so nerdy to copy a science fiction movie!

    Please keep writing these great stories! I think they will prove to feed my fire during the classroom phase of my education.

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  3. Whoops, was trying to respond to Antoinette's comment and did something wrong. (It wasn't obscene or anything) Ant, the answer to your question is, "Claro que si!"

  4. I absolutely LOVE reading your blogs! I keep asking Jaime if you're going to write a book! I'll be the first one to buy it!

  5. I see you too Dr. Manning! Now I really want to see Avatar again but alas Luke and I can't justify that kind of luxury...

  6. Here is a bona fide response: I wish Pandora was a real planet. I'd totally move there.

  7. "I see you" too... but not in 3D. Your little sis can't see in 3D, so I thought Avatar was okay... i think it's because I wasn't able to view it the way it was mean to be seen. Oh well... I've never seen anything in 3D in my entire life, so it's probably a safe bet that I never will :( Glad you enjoyed it though!!!

    PS - Skechers sells sneaker roller skates :-)

  8. When I leave a comment it doesn't seem to post... hmmmm.

    We'll see if this works. Unfortunately, I see you, but not in 3D. I can't (and never have been able to) see 3D... so Avatar was good, but I couldn't really appreciate it the way it was meant to be seen. Boo hoo for me.

    PS -- Skechers may still sell tennis shoe roller skates :-)

  9. Is it lame to comment 3.5 years after you posted? It makes me think of you reading Eat, Pray, Love and saying that's so 2007... well, i found you only recently thanks to my pal Mel and her link to Team SJGR and I enjoyed your present posts so much, that I started from the beginning. So your blog is MY stay-cation reading. How about that. I'm loving your style and your outlook on life, and the love you spread (not your germs). I've found each post heart warming or wrenching, thought provoking or action inspiring. I want to leave a little note on each one


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