Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Grady Seinfeld Moment: Signs o' the Times

Y'all really think I make this stuff up, but I don't!

Okay, the Grady Seinfeld Moment I had today (and know that I indeed have at least one per day) occurred just a few minutes before I left work. I had put on my coat, locked my office door and gathered all of my belongings. After stopping to talk to a few friends/colleagues in the hallway, I excused myself for a moment to slip into the ladies restroom in our Faculty Office Building (FOB). One minute later, I burst through the door and announced,

"The signage in the ladies bathroom has gotten COMPLETELY out of control!"

First came a five second pause as everyone grabbed the mental picture of the bathroom stalls, plastered with Xerox copies like a bulletin board on a college campus. Next came our hysterical laughter ringing down the halls. We knew all too well about the signs that scold, admonish, and accost any woman innocently trying to relieve herself in the FOB (which, for hardworking women who drink far too many Diet Cokes and have had a baby or two, is quite often.) Seriously, the signage has indeed taken on a life of its own.

Disclaimer: Don't get it confused! I don't want a single one of the "Big Brother--wait Sister" signs removed! I love being amused at work. It gives me a wonderful break from all that is heavy about being a Grady clinician educator. These are the kinds of things that make me stop what I'm doing during the day, look around me, and then throw my head back in laughter. And yes, this is yet another example of why I just love coming to work at Grady every single day! :)


Gotta go? Gotta go?
Well when you go, there will be plenty to read!
This is all that you will encounter upon entering our ladies room. . . . .


It starts out nice enough. . . . .

(*Note the friendly, unassuming redhead with the creepy large hand showing us just how to be more green in the potty. . . followed by a sweet "thank you". . .)

. . . .and then gets a little more suggestive. . . .
(Sorry this one is blurry! It actually says:



(*Note the hands being washed. . . .innocent enough, right?)

. . . .from there some not-so-subtle suggestions are then made to those who don't seem to understand how modern plumbing works. . . . . .

(*Note the "thank you" from "The Management". . .)

. . . then comes a more concrete approach with an undercurrent of slight aggression . . . . . .

(*Note the all CAPS, the underlines, but no exclamation points at first. . . .but then a few added on to the "please". . . .)

. . . .and then it gets downright indignant! LOL!

(*Note the red font, all CAPS, too many exclamation points to count, and even a water proof shield in case the clogged toilet spews raw sewage all over the stall and hence the signage. . . . .)

And the answer is YES. YES, all of these signs were in ONE ladies restroom. The very one I entered today--true story, man. (Ask Stacy H. and Maura G.--they were there!)

I wouldn't change a thing, either. Sigh! I love this place!

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